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BOOM! Pittsburgh Steelers Select UCLA’s Jordan Zumwalt in the Sixth Round

Pittsburgh Steelers select UCLA middle linebacker Jordan Zumwalt in the sixth round of 2014 NFL round.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

And BOOM keeps coming for our UCLA Bruins in the third day of 2014 NFL draft. One of the best franchises in the NFL and a team legendary for it's vaunted tradition of linebackers, just selected Jordan Zumwalt in the sixth round. Our friends at Behind the Steel Curtain seems to have pretty good idea in what they are getting in number 35:

Intelligence, fiery emotions and a permanent chip of an inferiority complex planted on a shoulder. That's UCLA's Jordan Zumwalt, the Steelers' first of two 6th round picks in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Without mincing words, there's a reason he's a sixth round pick, but he has the same kind of overachieving manner about him that Vince Williams did - the Steelers also took Williams in the sixth round.

How can we describe Jordan?  Well, I think we can start with this hit from the Nebraska game two years ago, which perhaps signaled a new era in UCLA football:

And of course there was this one from last year's Sun Bowl (he was the MVP):

If you want the full highlights

As good as he has been - the best thing about Jordan has been his tenacity, dedication and loyalty to his team-mates. It's interesting as our guys keep getting drafted this year, I keep thinking [INSERT HIS NAME - Barr, XSF et al.] - he was one of my favorite Bruins of all time. Perhaps it tells us how much we have really enjoyed watching the program last two years.

We are all so happy for Jordan.  Hopefully he gets to shine in the Steel City - and make the same impression behind those steel curtains as he made in West LA.