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2014 NFL Draft Day 1 Open Thread

Tracking the fortunes of Anthony Barr and Xavier Su'a-Filo the 1st round of the 2014 NFL Draft.


Tonight is the first night of what has become a three day process of pro teams choosing their newest players and the former college stars who hear their names called - the NFL Draft.

The action will start just after 5pm Pacific time, when the Houston Texans will either announce the trade down the draft board that they are rumored to be seeking, or announcing the selection of South Carolina D-Lineman Javadeon Clowney with the #1 overall selection. As tonight's first round unfolds, we may hear a pair of Bruins picked.

Anthony Barr is the obvious UCLA pick of the evening. ESPN self appointed "draft experts" have souered on Anthony over the past couple of months, but the remainder of the football world has him going off the board sometime in the middle of the 1st round. The most common mock draft result has him going to Tennessee with the #11th overall selection, but others have him sliding down to #16 for the Dallas Cowboys.

Xavier Su'a-Filo draft stock has risen in the offseason, and has increasingly been mocked as a late 1st round pick, going to either the Broncos at #31 or Cheaty's Seahawks with the final pick of the first round (and evening). As hard as it would be to see X-man playing for that guy, it will be great to see both Barr and X realize their lifelong dreams tonight - along with the other Bruins to be picked later in the weekend.

You can take a look at some other mock drafts to get an idea of other ex, such as the one from CBS Sports, and SB Nation's very own.

The draft begins at 5pm pacific/8pm eastern, televised on ESPN and available for streaming on WathcESPN/, while countless other outlets - including - will be providing Live analysis and discussion of the selections.

This is your open thread for the 1st round of the NFL Draft. Go Barr and Go X-Man!