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Bruin Bites: “Scary” Jack; Hundley, Kendricks & Odighizuwa Instragrams from UCLA’s “Video Board Shoot”

Quick notes from the UCLA football program.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Let's get the week going with the with three quick bullets from the football program.

First, according to rising sophomore LB Myles Jack is one of the scariest players in college football:

Anthony Barr might have had a season that made him worthy of a top-10 draft pick, but it is safe to say that Jack was the bigger star in the Bruins' linebacking corps last year. The Pac-12 Offensive and Defensive Freshman of the Year, Jack racked up 75 tackles and two interceptions to go along with his seven touchdowns. It looks like he'll easily top those numbers in 2014 based on his performance this spring. The really scary part about the two-way phenom is he's much stronger and a lot smarter than he was a year ago.

Jacked is ranked 14th out of 14 players. It's an interesting listicle put together by Bryan Fischer, a college football writer with roots in the Pac-12. Fischer is a Trojan alum. So it's not surprising to a Trojan in the top-3 of this list (Leonard Williams is listed at no. 3).

Brett Hundley is missing from the list as Fischer selected QBs Marcus Mariota (at no. 4) and Jameis Winston (at no. 5). I can't really argue with Winston in terms of football. I guess Mariota gets the nod over Hundley because Hundley and UCLA didn't get it done against the Ducks last year. Hopefully Hundley will get his payback this year.

Speaking of the upcoming year, the football program provided couple of "behind the scenes" look from the "video board shoot" for the 2014 season. Here is a shot of Eric Kendricks:

And here is another one with Brett Hundley and Owa Odighizuwa:

Hope they turn out be as scary as anyone on the field in 2014.