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Tim Brando Picks UCLA as Preseason #1

With only three team from the SEC aka all universe conference, TIm Brando's opinion clearly doesn't jive with the world wide leader, but he offers high praise for Jim Mora's Bruins in his Preseason Top 10 ballot.

Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Brando recently jumped on the UCLA bandwagon, giving even more attention to Jim Mora's team by releasing his Preseason Top 10 via Twitter with the Bruins at #1.

While I doubt many expect UCLA to receive such a ranking (I surely don't), the praise serves further notice that UCLA should be at least a PAC-12 title contender this season. Bruce Feldman chimed in on Tim Brando's prediction by calling it "bold", citing questions at RB and WR for reasons why UCLA might not win a national title this year, but the tweet did not exactly shoot down Tim Brando's suggestion.

If you recall, Bruce Feldman mentioned in January that UCLA was a team to watch this year as a possible title contender.  At the very least, Bruce Feldman agrees that UCLA could be in the mix, which is what we expect this year in Westwood.

Go Bruins.