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Bruin (Football) Bites: UCLA’s Strange Scheduling with BYU, Pac-12 Championship Odds & Other Notes

News and notes from the UCLA football program.

BYU - Meh.
BYU - Meh.
(Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Before we get into the football notes for this Friday, wanted to get your temperature on futbol. With the World Cup fast approaching - would folks be interested in following the action via open threads? I know many of us will be watching.  We had those open threads in 2010 and also in 2006. We think it will be fun but wanted to get your thoughts.  Anyway, let's end the week with some notes from the football program:

  • UCLA is scheduling a home-and-home series with BYU in 2015-16 (HT BrendonBruin - huge thanks to him for staying up on news for rest of us). The scheduling is kind of curious and frankly doesn't make much sense. UCLA is getting a home date with BYU in 2015. That's fine as the non-conference games for that year is UVa at home (should be a gimme) and UNLV on the road (shouldn't be a problem for a UCLA program). But, why schedule BYU as a road game in 2016 when we already have another tough non-conference game scheduled against Texas A&M the same year (we have UNLV at home that year). It doesn't make any sense to toughen up our schedule with two difficult OOC road games in one year, when we will see nothing like that from SEC programs.
  • First conference championships odds have shown up on the internets via offshore sportsbook The Greek. UCLA is 3/1. Oregon is 5/4. Stanford, Arizona State and Southern Cal are at 5/1.
  • Jerry Palm has posted his projections for 2014-15 bowl season on He doesn't have any Pac-12 teams in the playoffs and he's got UCLA playing Baylor in the Cotton Bowl. Meh, hope that's not the case because if so it will be a huge let down (and a disappointment).
  • The Sporting News has releases its list of pre-season All Americans. Not surprisingly Myles Jack is a pre-season All-American. Annoyingly though Jack is the only Bruin in that list (no Brett Hundley) while they have couple of Trojans on the list (Nelson Agholor and Leonard Williams).
  • Lastly, since we have been having jersey discussions here is another look at what to expect for next year:


What else have we missed? Share and discuss in the comment threads here.