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Pac-12 Media Day - Day 1 Open Thread

It's a sure sign that U.C.L.A. Bruin football is getting closer!!

Pac-12 Media Day kicks off this morning.
Pac-12 Media Day kicks off this morning.
Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

Pac-12 Media Day begins its introduction to the 2014 season today and the annual opening press conference has gotten so big that they now need two days to welcome it properly.  This year's event begins this morning at 9 am from the Paramount Studios in Hollywood.

Cool.  The Bruins already have a home field advantage.

The Pac-12 Network will stream the entire two day event for free to everyone via its website (which would also make for an attractive solution to the DirecTV issues…) and you can watch it here or on the embedded player below.  Live coverage begins at 9 am Pacific and runs through about 1:30 pm both days.  You can also follow the events on twitter at @Pac12.

Mike Yam will host the coverage and our own Rick Neuheisel will be one of several analysts weighing in with thoughts throughout the two day event.

U.C.L.A. won't take center stage until Day Two, but there should be enough banter and news and silliness to keep things amusing and occasionally interesting until then.

As is custom, each team will be represented by its head coach and two players, and they will be available to the audience for 40 minutes. Day One begins with interviews with Utah (9:35am), Arizona (10:12am) and Cal (10:52am), followed by a segment with Commissioner Larry Scott (11:17), and then wraps up with Southern Cal (11:31am), Oregon (12:12pm), and Washington State (12:50pm).

Day Two will start off with Colorado (9:38am), ASU (10:16am), and then Oregon State (11:54am).

The Bruins are scheduled to begin at 11:32 am on Thursday and we'll see Jim Mora, RJr QB Brett Hundley, and Sr LB Eric Kendricks representing the blue and gold.

Washington (12:11pm) and Stanford (1:04pm) will close the day.

This is our open thread to discuss the events and share your own thoughts on the happenings - like which team looks to be the biggest surprise, which coach looks the most annoyed, who gets the dumbest questions, and who offers the most inane pirate references.

Media Day. That must mean that pre-season camp is right around the corner!

Have at it!