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Bruin Bites: UCLA National Champion Talk, Bruins in the Media, and Pac-12 Media Day 2 Thread

Bruins are all over the airways and today will be at Pac-12 Media Day. Catch up with the latest about UCLA football and join us in this Pac-12 media day open thread.

Stephen Dunn

11 days to training camp.  37 days to kickoff.  Are you ready?

As media day part 2 gets under way there are a few bites from the world of UCLA football to nibble on.

  • National Championship or bust:  seems like a lot of people, including our own Myles Jack, are agreeing that UCLA's eyes are on a Natty .  Myles was interviewed by Jay Mohr in a very fun interview where he talks about going both ways (play station and xbox), that Craig Lee is the funniest guy on the team, and a nice crack involving u$c and condos.  Maybe Myles is the best comedian.  According to Jack Wang, Las Vegas gives UCLA the 7th best change of winning it all.  I won't report the odds because we don't do that here, but Vegas does seem to agree with Pac-12 SBNation writers that the odds are just a little bit better for the ducks (3rd in Vegas).
  • You too can run on the field with the trogans and it seems, with the UCLA team too?!  Petros (of PMS) discussed the TGIF menu of experiences season tickets can buy including $1,500 for running through the tunnel with the trogans.  The whole thing reminded me of paying one's way into heaven (or in this case somewhere else).  Well this was all very funny until I saw UCLA's Senior Associate Athletic Director Josh Rebholtz' response: "We do offer some of these experiences, but we really believe that many of them — like running out of the tunnel with the team and being on field pre-game — are pretty sacred assets, and so we try to limit who we offer them and really, we try to only offer them to highest and most generous donors that we have." It seems you can give half a million dollars to run out of the tunnel with the Bruins. Seems heaven is more costly than that other place!
  • Bruins are all over the radio these days.  Besides the Myles Jack interview, Eric Kendricks was interviewed on JT the Brick      (HT  JoeBruin15  ).  Damn, our LB's are getting the attention they deserve.  Look out qbs. Chris Kluwe was  also on the Dan Patrick show Tuesday discussing his suit with the Vikings.
  • Are all of these lists causing you to feel disoriented and overwhelmed? Are they keeping you up at night?   Well the Daily Bruin has a graphic just for you where you can see the watch lists Bruins have made.  Myles Jack is leading the field with eight lists so far, followed closely by Eric Kendricks with 6, Brett Hudley (3),  Jake Brendal (2), and Thomas Duarte (1).  Of course #Hudley4Heisman is not on any official Heisman watch list because there isn't one, but many are watching just the same.
  • As for a list of 2015 commits, you can always find one at BRO just in case, if like me, you are having a difficult time keeping track of them all.  You can read all about these lists and other pre-season news at our pre-season hub You can also chime in about our expectations and positional previews here.
  • Be sure to check out the video of the amazing workout our Bruins have been getting (HT UCLA_beer&mathematics) doing "The Murph" and it's never too early to order your Christmas ornament showing the results of this kind of training!
  • Making a difference: this week our players were recruited to volunteer in an ongoing way at a local boys and girls club.  This moving video shows our players, young men and women, and boys and girls learning from each other and preparing to help.  Thanks to the Count on Me Foundation our players will be making a difference, mentoring, and being role models to others.  Representatives of the Boys and Girls clubs were really excited about getting to work with our find young men: "Each of these L.A. area clubs got a small group of UCLA football players ... a small group of good people." and "We'd be honored to have UCLA on our team."  Our players and program are already National Champions when it comes to character and this is one more shining example of that.

Pac-12 Media Days

Yesterday was highlighted by ... actually I really didn't find much to get excited about.  Maybe that's because UCLA wasn't part of day 1.  I did get pumped watching the trailer for The Drive which will follow UCLA in training camp and which airs beginning August 27th.  You can also watch an interview with Myles Jack and Eldridge Massington discuss being in the program here.  The format  for the media days is different this year.  Instead of one team at a time coming before the entire press corps and answering questions, representatives are moving around from interview to interview.  Listening to the Pac-12 interview I was quite moved by the ongoing concern for the impact the sanctions are stilling having on u$c.   The pity party has yet to stop for the trogans.   Poor Sark.  But it's really okay because Sark has bonded with the players at $c more than he ever did at Washington. Class act by suc as always.  You can watch each segment from day 1 here.

Today our Bruins take the stage so all should be better.   Gbruin has a nice overview where you can also catch yesterday's comments.  Today you can follow all the happenings in many ways.  Jack Wang will have live twitter updates you can watch it live here, or you can follow the Pac-12 twitter feed. You may recall last year, the fun moment when Anthony Barr reacted to the question of the hit on Barkley.  What will be this year's fun moment?  Coverage begins at 9am pst and the Bruins are scheduled to go on at 11:32 with Coach Mora, Brett Hundley, and Eric Kendricks representing your Bruins.  The day will start off with Colorado (9:38am), followed by ASU (10:16am), Oregon State (11:54am), Washington (12:11pm) and Stanford (1:04pm).  And to get you ready take a look at this:

This is your open thread for today's media day so share, enjoy, and Go Bruins!