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Sean Covington Leaves the UCLA Football Program, Matt Mengel Signs Up

Rising Sophomore punter Sean Covington has left the UCLA Football program, and Long Beach CC's Matt Mengel is coming to Westwood as a preferred walk-on to attempt to replace him.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

In a surprising development in these final couple of weeks before fall camp, BRO's Tracy Pierson has reported that Bruin punter Sean Covington has left the football program (not currently behind paywall).

At this time, no reason has been shared for Sean's departure nor are his future plans - at UCLA or elsewhere - known. All the best to Sean for whatever is in his future.

Whatever led to his departure, it did not come as a total surprise to the coaching staff, as another punter has already committed to take his place at UCLA this fall. Long Beach Community College's Matt Mengel will be transfering in as a preferred walk-on per Pierson's article to take over punting duties and take a shot at kickoff specialist duties.

Mengel had been considering Cal and New Mexico before he got the offer to head up the 405. Kicking 'guru' Chris Sailer raves about Matt's leg strength, but others have noted that he needs to work on consistency has highlights from last fall's campaign at Long Beach.

Welcome to Westwood Matt!