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Bruin Bites: Mora Knows UCLA's Success Is Still Limited

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Coach Mora Knows UCLA Needs to Remain Focused on Their Goals.
Coach Mora Knows UCLA Needs to Remain Focused on Their Goals.
Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

It's Sunday! Alas, there's still no football games for you to enjoy. There will be soon enough, but, in the meantime, we've got your Bruin Bites to hold you over.

  • Coach Mora knows our team hasn't gotten where they want to be yet. An article on SF Gate quotes Mora from Pac-12 Media day as saying: "Our success is still limited, in my view. We haven't won the Pac-12 championship. We're 0-3 against Stanford. I don't want our players to feel like we've accomplished what we want to accomplish. We're just on the right track." We agree, Coach. Keep up the hard work!
  • "Don't listen to the noise." is a sign that hangs in the UCLA Locker Room. Josh Peter wrote an article for USA Today discussing the focus of the Bruins and Brett Hundley. He quotes Coach Mora, "There's things you have to emphasize on a daily basis. We're making progress and I think we're on the right track, but we're not where we want to be. But I'm excited about where we're going. I like the mind-set of our team. I think they get it. I don't think they're satisfied." Sounds like the Bruins are hungry to me!
  • To wrap up with this quick Sunday edition of Bruin Bites, we have a video of Coach Mora discussing that hunger with ESPN. He said, "I've got a group of young men on our team that fully understand that it's not about what others think. It's about what we do, as a group, on a day-to-day basis." Here's the video:

    Go Bruins!