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Bruin Bites: Football Starts Monday! Edition

We've got Chris Foster of the LA Times poking fun at the impact of new media on sports and #Hundley4Heisman Day at ESPN.

UCLA QB Brett Hundley made a series of appearances yesterday on ESPN.
UCLA QB Brett Hundley made a series of appearances yesterday on ESPN.
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

It is the last Saturday without football. Starting Monday, training camp opens in San Bernardino. So, let's take a quick look around to see what's being said about our Bruins.

  • Chris Foster has an article which asks if the third time will be the charm for Coach Mora. He spends most of the article talking about what other Bruin coaches did in their third year. In what can only be called cheap shot by old media at new media, Foster writes: "Red Sanders went 5-3-1 in 1951, bringing his three-year record to 17-9-1. In today’s Internet world, you could hear the crowd on some UCLA fan websites clamoring, 'This isn't working. We need a change. It's the athletic director's fault.'"

    Well, I checked the Bruins Nation print archives that Nestor just delivered to me and I can tell you that, after the 1951 season, Sanders had beaten the Trogans two years in a row and we were still excited as heck about the 1951 recruiting class (how's that for an interesting parallel) and, rightfully so, as they went on to win UCLA's only National Championship in 1954. Oh, and for what it's worth we were pretty darn excited about the basketball program at the time as they were in the middle of their fourth straight Pacific Coast Conference championship season.

I think he may have one more left to throw!

Hundley also appeared on College Football Live and SportsCenter, but I couldn't find any clips from those appearances.

That leaves me with only one thing to say for now: Two days until camp opens!

Go Bruins!