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UCLA Coach Jim Mora Talks About 2014 Bruins

UCLA Coach Jim Mora discusses the 2014 Bruins at the UCLA Football Season Ticket Holder event on Saturday.

Coach Jim Mora spoke about how the team tunes out the hype, the top freshmen, changes to the coaching staff topics, the health of the team and injuries, and "The Drive" at Saturday's event for UCLA Football Season Ticket Holders.

But he saved his best for his final comments. Mora said:

When we are at the Rose Bowl, we need to make that place so uncomfortable for our opponents...that all they can think about is 'I need to get out of here and get back to the locker room so I can get on the bus and get back on the plane and go back to wherever I am.' It's got to be uncomfortable. We will do our part on the field, but we need you to do is...Like, it's three hours where you can just, like, cut it loose. You can do whatever...nutso...right? It's like nothing matters during those three hours. Whatever you do....whatever you say....It's like it's your time. So, cut it loose. Alright? When they have the ball, we have to be crazy, loud, intimidating. Alright? When we have the ball....When we have the ball, shhhhhh....quiet....till we make a play then AAAAAH! Then shhhh quiet so Brett can communicate. When we put the ball in the end zone, let's go nuts! Hey, on third down, when the opponent has the ball on third down, we need all Bruin fans on their feet. You need to be up screaming AAAAAAHHHH! Crazy! You need to make those players uncomfortable. I have a playsheet that I keep for every game and I keep track of a whole lot of things and Jolie, who I actually work for, she put a little column in there: False Starts Caused By the Fans. And, so I'm going to keep track every week at home games of how many times there's a false start or there's delay of game caused by our noise that we create in the stands and then we'll announce that on Mondays.

Here are the video clips.

Go Bruins!