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Spaulding Recap: Bruin "Evolution" & Respect for Hundley4Heisman

The Bruin Revolution continues with the Bruin Evolution. Myles Jack discusses the linebacker evolution, Ryan Hofmeister talks about the special teams evolution, and Hundley gets respect from UVa Coach.

Ezra Shaw

Let's jump right in tonight with some video from yesterday's practice. We'll start off with a clip of Myles Jack which comes courtesy of Ryan Kartje at the Orange County Register.

Jack said the changes in the linebacking corps is "evolving" rather than having a turnover of players. He talked about the fact that there are guys who are going to make a name for themselves this year and said that there isn't a drop-off in talent from last year. He said he's been itching for game week since the end of last season. He said "I can't wait until Saturday."

Speaking of the changes to the linebacking corps, Chris Kalra of the Daily Bruin has a good article about that "evolution". In his article, he quotes Defensive Coordinator Jeff Ulbrich:

(This group has) still got a lot to prove. I think sometimes, you like to say practice is everything, and we do value that highly. But at the same time, to see these guys perform on Saturdays, that’ll be telling as well.

Myles talked about the Virginia quarterback situation and how the team is preparing for the possibility of facing either quarterback. Based on that, it seems like he hadn't heard what Greyson Lambert said yesterday. He also discussed the fact that Virginia's starting running back is very talented and doesn't go down with the first hit.

He was also asked why more teams don't use players both ways like he was last season. He downplayed how his situation makes him special and said he's heard of other teams may try doing something similar. He spoke about how he's willing to do whatever it takes to win and that he's got a better understanding of the offense as he sees plays being run.

When told that a couple of ESPN guys had picked Brett Hundley to win the Heisman and the team to win the National Championship, Myles had this to say:

I wasn't  aware of it. But, I mean, that just goes to show what we have here. Really, we just have to take it week by week. I mean, we believe that we can do it, You know, I think that's all that matters. not the outside noise or anything. And, we just have to take it a week at a time and that's really what it comes down to. We just have to win our games and do what we're supposed to do and make the most of these practices and become the best team we can possibly be.

Let's re-read that last part: "become the best team we can possibly be." That sounds Wooden-esque.

As far as the team's focus, he discussed how if they don't beat Virginia, everything that's been said just goes away.

Next up, we have a video from Jack Wang at featuring Ryan Hofmeister discussing special teams.

Hofmeister was asked about how things have changed with a new special teams coach. He said they are doing things the same way and talked about how the upperclassmen have helped Coach Tui maintain the continuity. He was asked about the pride that they have in special teams and how playing special teams has become a privilege under Coach Mora.

He also was asked about the impact of the incoming freshmen like Kenny Young. He spoke about how they are coming in and pushing the upperclassmen to be better. But he also talked about how Kenny Young is helping the other freshmen to be better.

He concluded by talking about how awesome and humbling it is for a guy like him, coming from a JC, to be selected as a captain again and knowing that his teammates respect him.

Everett Cook of the LA Times has an nice article on Hofmeister, calling him a "coach on the field".

To wrap this up, let's move to the other side of the ball, where Chris Foster of the LA Times has a story about the Brett Hundley "Love Fest" that started on Monday when Virginia Coach Mike London held his weekly press conference.

Foster quotes London as saying:

Hundley is the guy, Sports Illustrated, Heisman Trophy candidate, almost 8,000 total yards. He is a guy who is really as good as advertised. The Hundley guy is exceptional with his arm and legs. That's the threat in that style of offense they run. He's the guy who can make it go.

And, finally, Foster gives all Bruins some fantastic news. Devin Lucien went through his first full practice yesterday after suffering the effects of heat and hitting his head. He is expected to play Saturday.

Absolutely great news!

Go Bruins!