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Q&A With "The Drive" Producer Jim Jorden & Open Thread

Episode 3 of "The Drive" premieres tonight at 7pm PT. Bruins Nation got to do a Q&A with the show's producer Jim Jorden.

BN: Everyone I know who has seen The Drive has come away impressed. How many hours of footage is being shot to get the episode we see each week?

JJ: We are capturing 50 hours of content each week from practices, games, feature story shoots, interviews and scenic shots.

BN: With that much footage, how hard is it to edit that down to just 22 minutes or so while still delivering a compelling and cohesive story?
JJ: Every week is an adventure. There is so much content to work through and almost all of it is compelling, but we have to find the very best stuff to make the show every week. We have a small crew so every week we literally question if we're going to be able get it done in time for air. But we always find a way.

BN: Last week’s episode had a two-week gap. It went straight from the end of training camp to Virginia. We didn’t get to see any of the Westwood-based prep for Virginia. It almost made it seem like the team went from San Bernardino to Charlottesville. Why was it presented that way? Was it a matter of having quality camp footage that didn’t make it into the first episode, a lack of Westwood-based Virginia prep footage, or something else entirely?

JJ: Each week we capture what the team is doing to prepare for its opponent that week with some individual storylines built in. The payoff in the end is the game. We did shoot practice in Westwood that week leading into Virginia, but we felt the more compelling content happened at camp so we went with the best material.

BN: One of the things which has been so compelling has been the back stories on Hundley in Week 1 and Kenny Clark in Week 2. What player(s) can we look forward to getting to know this week?

JJ: There is no shortage of compelling storylines with the Bruins. This week we take a deeper look at Nick Pasquale and the lasting impact he has had on the UCLA program. It really speaks to a family environment that Coach Mora has created in Westwood.

BN: One of the cooler aspects of the second episode was that it also took a look at Virginia. Is this something fans should expect each week now that the season is here or was that included just because it was a road game?

JJ: Our plan from the outset was to have a segment on each Pac-12 opponent this year. We thought it would add some really interesting color to each episode. We had an existing relationship with Virginia that allowed us to try it with them and it made the show better. Shining a light on how UCLA’s Pac-12 rivals prepare is something we are really looking forward to.

BN: What else should fans look for this week?

JJ: This show is built on great sound and we have much more of it this week from practice and Saturday’s game. His postgame address to the team is especially motivating. And there’s question that Bruins fans will appreciate the story of Nick Pasquale's enduring legacy and the impact he still has on the team today.

BN: Thanks, Jim, for taking the time to answer our questions!

What questions would you ask Jim if you could? Post them in the comments.

This will also serve as the open thread for tonight's episode.