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Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Neuheisel Wins it for the Bruins in Texas Against Depleted Horns

With Brett Hundley going down, the game fell on the shoulders of back-up QB Jerry Neuheisel. Sure the opponent was a thin, depleted, Texas Longhorns team that got spanked by BYU the week before, but Jerry came up big when it mattered the most, leading UCLA to a 20-17 win over Texas

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Not much to say here. It's a pretty awesome high to see Jerry Neuheisel win it for the Bruins with a beautiful deep ball over the secondary to Jordan Payton in the end zone in the dying minutes of the fourth quarter. It's a great moment for a great kid who bleeds Blue and Gold in more ways than you can count.

Sure, the fact that we had to rely on Neuheisel was not good - the fact that poor offensive line play and boneheaded penalties put Hundley in a position where he had to make something out of a third-and-long that should never have even happened if our offensive line knew where to line up (great work there "Coach" Klemm) and got injured as a result. Never mind that our defense played conservative all night and made Texas' back-up QB, making just his second college start, look like a solid QB. Never mind that Ulbrich couldn't figure out why Texas kept smoking Jalen Ortiz in the secondary. We'll break all the negatives down tomorrow - there were plenty, especially for a team with the championship aspirations that this team claims to have.

For now, let's just enjoy Jerry's huge moment. I'll leave it with what Meriones said in the second half thread:



Time for us to show what kind of team we really are.

Do we stand up and fight for what’s hard, or do we give up and take the easy way out?

"We got hurt."

"We got no calls."

"We got screwed."

Success is not measured by wins or titles.

It is measured by whether you did the best you could to be the best you are capable of becoming.

And you don’t know – you CAN’T know – what your best is by standing still.

By playing it safe.

By playing in FEAR.

Fortune favors the BOLD.

And you cannot have true BLUEGOLD blood in your veins without having that kind of BOLD in you.





We’re not dead yet.

So we’re sure as there’s a Heaven NOTDONEYET.


Can't say much more than that.