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Arizona State QB Taylor Kelly Injured - Huge Advantage for Mora's Bruins

With the news coming out that Brett Hundley is set to return to practice by the end of this week, with his left elbow injury being somewhat minor (relatively speaking), the Bruins get another potential advantage for their game against Arizona State with news that Sun Devils' QB Taylor Kelly may be out with a foot injury.

Donald Miralle

The biggest news coming out after UCLA's dramatic fourth-quarter win over Texas in Dallas thanks to Jerry Neuheisel's picture-perfect TD pass to Jordan Payton was that starting QB Brett Hundley is expected to return by the end of the week, having suffered only a hyper-extension of his non-throwing elbow.

But there's something else breaking that has huge ramifications for the UCLA football team - Arizona State QB Taylor Kelly has left their game against Colorado with an apparent foot injury, and so far, it's not looking good for the Sun Devils:

Obviously, this is potentially huge news, not just for UCLA's matchup against the Sun Devils in the Pac-12 conference opener in Tempe, but without their star QB, this dramatically alters the Sun Devils' season and, potentially, the race for the Pac-12 division crown:

Yikes.  We don't wish injury on anyone, and this is devestating news for Sun Devils fans, and especially for Taylor Kelly - a tough kid who has played hard against us every chance he had.  But with that said, it creates a huge opening and advantage for Jim Mora's Bruins.

Can't drop the ball on this one.  Things just got much better looking for the next game, as unfortunate as it is for Kelly.