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Watch: Neuheisel Interviews Neuheisel. Plus J. Neu Getting National Attention

"Let me just tell you how proud I am." "Thanks Dad."

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we have enjoyed these Rick Neuheisel interviews with his son over the years, but none are better than this one after Jerry led his Bruins to a victory over the Texas Longhorns:

via Pac-12 Network.

First, concerned pop asks Jerry about the Texas pass rush:

I could sense that they knew  I wasn't as good a runner as Brett... 'we're [referring to Texas] just going to kind of let our guys loose and see if he can get out of the pocket'.


I just am lucky to be the quarterback dad.

Rick then asks Jerry about the winning pass and if he was nervous seeing how open Jordan Payton was:

I didn't even see how open he was...oh my god this really just happened.

To which dad responds:

Jerry, Jerry wake up, wake up, it's dad, it's time for school.  This was all a dream, this really didn't just happen.

The banter between father and son at the end is a joy.  I'll be pulling for Jerry to beat the heck out of Rick on the golf course today.  And yes, he threw two touchdown passes Rick, not one!

Could not be happier for you boy.

Jerry has also been receiving some national attention for his performance. Athlon sports named Neuheisel Pac-12 player of the week.

USA Today has a really nice article on Jerry's moment in Jerry's World where "For one night At&T Stadium" belonged to another Jerry:

I threw it up and the rest is history. I think I jumped the highest I've ever jumped into a grown man's hands.

The team had great confidence in Jerry:

Center Jake Brendel said Neuheisel is really consistently the "mastermind" behind the "functioning of the offense," much like a player-coach.

Eric Prisbell from USA Today wonders:

How many backup quarterbacks who have been suddenly thrust into a starting role before 60,479 fans walk into the locker room at halftime and pronounce, "I've been dreaming of this my whole life, so why not just go out there and do it?"

As for being lifted on the team's shoulder's Jerry responded:
"I was shocked," Neuheisel said, laughing, "because it kind of makes it look like I was not ready to go. Like it was some miracle. I had this under control."

He sure looked like he was in control.  Once again, congratulations to Jerry and all of the Bruins that rallied to win Saturday in Texas.

Go Bruins!