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The Drive: Episode 4 Preview and Open Thread

Here's a look at what to expect from the fourth episode of The Drive, which premieres tonight at 7pm on Pac-12 Networks. Bruins Nation found out what to expect from the show's producer, Jim Jorden.

Producer Jim Jorden gives Bruins Nation a little bit of an inside look at this week's episode of "The Drive".

BN: What should we expect to see this week?
JJ: We really spend a lot of time focusing on the game because we thought it was so impressive the performance by Jerry Neuheisel. We don’t devote this much time to the game. It just seemed like it was a defining victory for the Bruins’ program.

BN: What else will this week’s episode cover?
JJ: There’s a feature on the center Jake Brendel. There’s a look at the Longhorns’ practice like we did with Virginia. We focused on Jake because he’s from Texas.

BN: What will viewers learn about the Texas game that they may not have seen watching in person or on TV?
JJ: Tons of things. First of all, Mora, at half time, predicted exactly how the second half of the game would go. That’s pretty unusual.

When Brett first got hurt, they only expected him to be out for just a series. So, they expected Neu to play one series. There are little tidbits that when Neuheisel first got hit he thought it was going to hurt a lot worse. So, you’ll get a perspective you just won’t get watching the game.

BN: What has surprised you the most about this particular season?
JJ: I’ve listened to tons of coaches throughout my career. Just about every Super Bowl winning coach and tons of other ones too. What I’ve liked is that there are tons of different styles of leadership. Some coaches are intimidators. Some use strategy. Some use humor. Some use sarcasm. Listening to Coach Mora, and I get the perspective of listening to him every practice, every game, the whole time and he really, really is a great motivator and great teacher. To hear his style, he’s so perfect for college because these are young kids that want leadership. They want somebody to take an interest in them and to look at them. He’s a guy I would love to have played for. That’s been the best part…to see how the program is run. The show is really supposed to show what is the head coach’s philosophy, what is the program’s philosophy, and what is the environment like at UCLA. That’s been really fun to do.

Our thanks again to Jim Jorden for spending some time talking to us. If you have any questions about the show, post them in the comments. They may get asked next time!

This is your open thread for Episode 4 of "The Drive".

Go Bruins!