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Spaulding Roundup - Coaches Using the Bye Week, It's On US, and We Get a T-Shirt Gun

Thanks to the bye week, Bruin coaches will be able to spend the weekend taking longer recruiting trips to visit out-of-region targets this weekend.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

With the Bruins having a semi-bye this weekend before next Thursday night's game at ASU, there was not a lot of news out of practice on Thursday - but Morgan Center did announce a new addition to the program today - no, not a new Athletic Director or Men's Basketball head coach. Some lucky intern will get to fire t-shirts into the crowd at the Rose Bowl and Pauley with this.

Yep, it is a slow news day on the UCLA Football front. In the broader college football world, the Pac-12 has joined on to the White House's newly announced "It's On Us" campaign to end sexual assaults on college campuses. We will have more on this new partnership between government and other public and private stakeholders dealing with this crucial issue later in the day - especially given the presence of a certain head coach in our athletic department, it is an issue that deserves our full attention. noted that there is no new news on Hundley's status for next Thusday night's game at ASU, while Chris Foster noted Coach Mora as saying that he planed to continue using Paul Perkins, Jordon James and Nate Starks in the rotation at RB, with Myles Jack and Eddie Vanderdoes getting touches depending on circumstances. Brett Hundley was at practice, but per Foster's report did not participate.

Jack Wang also touched on Jordon's seeming rise and fall over the past year, noting a couple of big miscues against UVa and Texas which have likely factored in his fall in the depth chart (insomuch that Coach Mora does not publiclyshare a depth chart).

Vincent Bonsignore at the Daily News wrote a 3 positives/3 negatives piece for the first 3 games of the UCLA season, while Chris Foster talked with former UCLA QB Norm Dow, getting Dow's thoughts on Jerry Neuheisel's performance last Saturday while discussing his own experience replacing an injured Gary Beban in 1965, beating Southern Cal in his lone start as a Bruin.

Ed Lewis over at Bruin Sports Report has noted that some of the coaches are making use of the bye week by taking recruiting trips and watching a few of their targets in their games tonight. After yesterday's practice, Mora noted that the bye week along with last week's trip to Texas has given the staff an extended opportunity to visit their out of state recruiting targets.

"You only have so many times you can get out of state," Mora said. "This week you can get out of state, next week you can get out of state because we play Thursday. Other than that, it’s in-state guys. We have to divide it up and make sure we’re hitting the right guys. We don’t want to neglect the in-state guys — they’re important to us — but you have to capitalize on your chances to get out of state as well."