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Watch: UCLA Football vs. Memphis Offensive Highlights

There were a lot of highlights for the UCLA Bruins on Saturday as the offense broke it open.

Thomas Duarte almost scores his third touchdown.
Thomas Duarte almost scores his third touchdown.
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday, we got a chance to see some weapons we had been waiting to see.  Brett Hundley got the arm going with 396 passing yards.  He was 33 for 44 with 1 very costly interception.  Considering there were at least four dropped passes that I counted, he had a really good game.  The highlights for me were seeing Thomas Duarte and Kenneth Walker on the receiving end of some beautiful passes.  Thomas Duarte stepped up yesterday and was the weapon some of us have been anticipating.  He had a bad drop to start the game, but then got into rhythm.  Duarte caught 4 passes for 110 yards, including a beautiful 52 yarder, and scored twice (almost 3 times). The man really knows how to get open.  Kenneth Walker caught a long, beautifully thrown pass in stride for another TD. It was Brett's longest throw for 62 yards and my only question is, why isn't he getting more passes?  I loved watching these guys break out and would love to see more of Walker in weeks to come.  Devin Fuller (58 yards), Jordan Payton(104 yards), and Eldridge Massington (3 receptions for 34 yards), also added to the pass attack.  The lowlights were that dropped passes continued to be a problem.  In the second half, there were three (or two depending how you saw the Fuller attempt in the endzone) in a row.

The running game also seemed to improve to me.  Paul Perkins got two touchdowns, including a beautiful 22 yard run,  and looked like the RB that would be carrying the work load. He was the leading rusher with 104 yards on 23 carries.  We also got a look at Nate Starks who had 2 carries for 11 yards.  I thought he looked good in there and I hope he will be used more.  We also saw the this year's power  doffence formation, with Kenny Clark and Eli Ankou on the line, and Eddie Vanderdoes and Myles Jack in the back field.  Jack carried 3 times for clutch 7 yards and 1 TD.  It looked like this formation was being used more selectively than last year, in critical short yard situations.  Oh yah, as for pre-game guesses, Brett missed the 60 yard mark with 48 rushing yards on 11 carries and was the second leading rusher.

The offensive line was giving Hundley a lot of time on a lot of plays and created some nice holes for the running game this week.  Watch for them in the highlight video.

Here is the highlight video from the official site:

A few other notes from the official site:  Brett tied the UCLA record for most completed passes in a game with 33.  Had their been one less drop he would have surpassed Richard Brehaut.  Brett also had 422 total offensive yards, the 5th most in UCLA history and has now tied Cade McNown for the most games passing for over 300 yards (12).   This is also the first game since 2005 that two receivers have caught for over 100 yards (Payton and Duarte).  The attendance was the highest since 2007 against BYU, 72,986.

Back to the pre-game guesses:

  • Fuller, Payton, Duarte, Massington, Lucien, Perkins
  • No
  • Over

Go Bruins!