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Spaulding Roundup - Myles Jack on Offense, Brett Hundley Matures, David Ash out for Texas, Kenny Walker's First Touchdown

A final wrap up and a look ahead to UCLA's road game (haha neutral site) versus Texas on Saturday

Joe Robbins

As we finish wrapping up the Memphis "game," let's look at some of the final boiwiogwheiow coming out:

First, some Ishmael Adams spoke to reporters about the secondary's struggles, courtesy of Ryan Kartje at the OC Register:

Adams said when it comes down to it, the players were not executing and they were put in positions to make plays. Other points:

  • They have been playing a lot of man coverage this year, and they give up a lot of catches in that coverage. If they keep working they'll be in the position to make those plays.
  • They'll miss Randall Goforth this week, who will most likely not play on Saturday. They will miss his tackling ability.
  • Jaleel Wadood may have to play more this week, and Adams feels he has proven himself in camp, and there will come a time he will have to step up.
  • With a dual threat QB, the secondary will have to work on more coverage drills and hope they can contain him.
Basically, nothing earthshattering and a lot of points Mora would have made on his own.

One nice thing from the Memphis game: Kenny Walker caught his first touchdown. He was so excited, apparently he could have easily just sat the rest of the game and been content:

"I was too excited," Walker said. "I just wanted to sit down, watch the game."

Walker was ready for his shot at the end zone, and it sounds like the coaches actually prepared him well:

He was well prepared. For an entire week of practice, coaches had him running nothing but post routes. He knew on Saturday that the Tigers were in a "Cover-4" defense, leaving the middle of the field open. He baited his defender to the right and took off. He knew he was open immediately.

Brett Hundley was able to shake off the interception by Memphis and move on with the rest of the game. Troy Aikman loves that quality about Hundley. It's practically Montana-esque.

"It speaks to the competitor he is and what his makeup is all about," Aikman said. "I watched Andrew Luck, when he was at Stanford, have an interception returned for a touchdown against USC in a close game. He came back on the field and scored and I thought, 'that's impressive.' It's what you hope to see in a young player, how they respond adversity."

He's definitely grown, as he easily moved past that interception and just focused on the rest of the game. He knows he'll make mistakes, he just has to minimize them and keep putting the Bruins in a position to win.

Looking ahead, Coach Mora thinks Myles Jack should have a larger role on offense.

"But I certainly would like to expand Myles’ role on offense. I think he’d like to. I think our offensive coaches would like to. I think it’s something you’ll see us do."

Apparently Jack missed playing on offense. Maybe he would be receptive to a move to RB:

And while Jack has been coy about a future on offense, he admitted after Saturday’s game that he missed playing running back more than he expected. The next day, he posted a photo of his touchdown to Instagram, and in it, he’s smiling wide after diving across the goal line with the ball in his arms.

But he is focusing on defense;

"I hope (my role grows)," Jack said. "It felt really good being back there. … It’s whatever the coaches say. My mindset is on defense again, but I’m ready to go back there whenever they need me."

If Jack WANTS to play on offense and give up on being a LB, fine. But the yo-yo game of will he or won't be, fans clamoring for him to be on offense to the detriment of his snaps on defense has got to stop. It was a disaster last year against Arizona State.

Texas will once again be without significant players this Saturday. QB David Ash is OUT with a concussion, and Tyrone Swoopes will play. Starting tackles Desmond Harrison and Kennedy Estelle will still be out for a violation of team rules.

As we've said over and over, there are NO excuses available for this weekend. We need to go into this road game and win.

Go Bruins.