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UCLA Football Season Ticket Prices Likely to Drop

While UCLA controls the price of football season tickets, the cost of parking is set by the Rose Bowl Operating Committee according to an email received by Bruins Nation from Senior Associate AD Josh Rebholz.

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Yesterday, I wrote an article discussing the results of the Football Season Ticket Holder survey, noting that one of the pain points for many fans was the cost of tickets and parking.

Today, we have more insight into the cost determination of both tickets and parking.

This insight comes courtesy of an email I received this morning from Senior Associate AD Josh Rebholz.

He writes (emphasis added):

Thank you for sharing and for your feedback. We certainly learned a lot from this survey and how we can continue to improve our fan’s experience. As you know, that is very important to us.

In regards to the two issues you specifically mentioned, I wanted to reply so you had a little background on those situations.

First on parking at the Rose Bowl, as part of our contract with the RBOC, UCLA is allocated a small percentage of parking for which we use to accommodate donors to UCLA Athletics through the Wooden Athletic Fund on a season basis. The remaining lion’s share of parking is sold by the RBOC on gameday with all profits of parking going to them solely. As part of their process, they dictate the cost of parking for our fans. The price has increased over the years based on their market analysis as well as they increased it by $5 most recently, from $20 to $25, to assist with the stadium renovation project. The RBOC has been a great partner of ours and we are proud to call the Rose Bowl our home but because we are only a lessee, some aspects, like cost of gameday parking are unfortunately out of our control. We encourage all UCLA Fans to consider donating to the Wooden Athletic Fund for which access to season long parking is a benefit.

On ticket prices, as you are aware ticket revenue is a major source of income for our department. Each year we carefully analyze our strength of schedule, our peer’s ticket pricing as well as the market to determine what we charge to encourage the highest possible attendance along with maximizing revenue to support our more than 700 student-athletes. For years that we host Southern Cal at home, traditionally the market bears a higher season ticket cost, thus last year prices were higher than they will be this year. Once we set season ticket costs, we set single game prices ensuring season ticket holders are provided the greatest discount. It is important to us to offer a wide variety of prices to ensure UCLA Fans of all demographics can attend UCLA Football games. With that said we are proud to offer one of the lowest season tickets in the conference, a general admission season ticket which will cost approximately $200 in 2015 or less than $35 per game along with youth single game tickets offered around $5 each for most games. With the largest average attendance in the conference in 2014, as well as the largest season ticket holder base in school history, along with a survey result that showed 95% of our fans are likely to renew their season tickets for 2015 – we are enthused and appreciative of our fans commitment to attend UCLA Football games and we will continue to do all that we can to provide them the most cost-effective options to purchase tickets.

Again, we really appreciate your feedback and the opportunity to discuss with you. We know we have a lot to improve upon and we are committed to that improvement. We are confident that our fans will continue to support the revolution of Bruin Football.

Thank you, Happy New Year and as always, Go Bruins!

So, there you have it. Expect a decrease in the cost of season tickets, but the cost of parking is out of UCLA's control.

While the cost of parking maybe out of their control, I would hope that, as the Rose Bowl's primary tenant, UCLA is at least able to influence the cost of parking through discussions with the Rose Bowl Operating Committee. But that may be a little too much to ask.