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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Welcome Ryan Newsome, Recruiting Updates, and the Next Joe Fauria?

All your recruiting tweets update, in one place.

Harry How/Getty Images

So, the commits we've actually managed to land, let's do a little check in on them.

Bolo Olorunfunmi, THE running back, y'all: (that's from Remember the Titans)

Colin Samuel:

Will Lockett was tempted at his Michigan visit. I mean, he even got to see a real college basketball team play and Jim Harbaugh doing awesome college Jim Harbaugh things:

But in the end, he's still a Bruin

Yep, snow sucks.

Joe Fauria wants a worthy successor to #8:


I think Clark enjoyed this official visit over the weekend:

The Rose Bowl. (F*** SC as the younger alums say in the student section)

Welcome, Ryan Newsome!

You'll notice in there a tweet from 5* OL Maea Teuhema who visited over the weekend.

Can UCLA flip him from LSU over the next week? Get to work, Coach Klemm, that's why we pay you the big bucks.

Also, if you're tweeting at a recruit, knock it the eff off. They're kids.

Besides, it's a possible violation. Knock it off.

Octavius Spencer has head in the right place:

One of those kids you know in five seconds if they'll be a Bruin.

Go Bruins.