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UCLA Football Coach Jim Mora Tweets Out a Photo of a Recruit - And Then Deletes Twitter Account AGAIN

This is starting to become absurd, the number of times this account has died and come back to life this month.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Did UCLA Football Head Coach Jim Mora commit a NCAA violation tonight?

After a twitter war that led to his account disappearing and reappearing under a private name and then resurrected from the dead, tonight the account sent out a message.

It is a picture of Maea Tuehema, whom the Bruins are trying to woo away from LSU and visited last weekend.

This picture isn't new - the staff has sent out pics like this to recruits. Here's one from Josh Wariboko:

Why did we put in a screen shot above? Because Maea Tuehema is not a signed recruit, and the coaches dare not speak their name or fear the wrath of the NCAA.

So begs the question, did Coach Mora or whoever is running his account forget how Twitter works tonight and accidentally tweeted out that picture when he probably meant to DM (direct message) Tuehema?

Instead, the account turned to the most classic excuse possible:

Oh, has it? Funny that it quietly came back to life on the 9th without a comment either way.  Convenient to announce that after sending out the picture above, which was promptly deleted.

Guess what has also been deleted?

Come on!

Either LSU has a spectacular hacker, or the Morgan Center cannot properly use social media. You decide.