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Poof! Now You See It! UCLA Coach Mora's Twitter Account Re-appears

Bruin Bites feed your appetite for UCLA Football news.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Well, as one would expect, there isn't a whole lot of football news right now.

The only game left in the season is the National Championship Game. Of course, that's a sore spot for many Bruin fans who feel like Terry in the movie "On The Waterfront" who tells his brother Charley that he "coulda been a contender."

And, while I don't want to be a dead horse, I say that to all the Bruin fans out there. Our 2014 Bruins team coulda been a contender for the National Championship. Of course, the difference between Terry and the Bruins is that no one fixed the competition. That goes without saying. However, the 2014 Bruins certainly had some people who let the team down in my opinion and the two people who come to mind are Offensive Coordinator Nel Mazzne and Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Line Coach Adrian Klemm.

We could discuss the disappointment of this season ad nauseum until kickoff on Monday.

Instead, let's take a quick look at what is going on around our football team.

We are just weeks away from National Signing Day 2015 when graduating seniors can make the college choices official. The SB Nation mothership has an article on Defensive Back recruit DeChaun Holliday saying "he can definitely see himself [at UCLA]."

In other news, Coach Mora's now-you-see-it-now-you-don't Twitter account is back! There is no word on what he's going to do with the private Twitter account that was setup after the Alamo Bowl Shakegate incident.

Ryan Kartje of the OC Register has an article about Freshman LB Zach Whitley's withdrawal from UCLA. While Whitley's departure has been rumored for weeks, we are never happy to see a member of our football team leave the greatest university in the world. That said, we do wish Zach the best in the future.

Finally, we have an NFL draft analysis from SBN sister site Gang Green Nation. Now, as a native of North Jersey who still follows the NY and NJ sports teams enough, I'm not sure that EK should necessarily be on the radar of Jets fans as he will not be the number one answer to the team's woes...unless...well, let's not go there. I think the Jets really need to find a GM and Head Coach, then they need to solve their QB issues and possibly the offensive line then maybe they can start looking at areas like linebacker. Regardless, GGN rates EK as an NFL Starter. Of course, if they asked us, we would have told them that.