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Three Winners in Week Three of Bruins Nation's Pac-12 Pick 'Em

Three new contestants earned high marks in the third week of Bruins Nation's Pac-12 Pick 'Em.

David Becker/Getty Images

Another week, another set of winners in Bruins Nation's Pac-12 Pick 'Em.

For the third straight week, a new set of players top the charts. This week's winners, with 14 points each, are BetaBruin69, Sabbath71, and some guy named IEAngel.

Four competitors scored 13 points in week 3, and another six finished two points back. I'd like to be able to brag about finishing in the second place group, but I can't. For complicated reasons, I wasn't able to make selections last week, so I asked my roommate to pick for me. And I have to say, the results were pretty good, unless of course you have to live with her. Thirteen points isn't worth the annoyance of dealing with a gloating housemate. If there's a next time, I'm going to use a Psychic Hotline instead.

The overall standings look substantially different from last week. Three weeks into Pac-12 Pick 'Em, the leaderboard looks like this:


Rank Pick Set Name Total Dropped W-L
1 IE Angel 35 0 35-22
2 BruinfanWill 33 0 33-24
3 GK4ucla 32 0 32-25
4 Bruin05 32 0 32-25
5 BruinHawks85 32 0 32-25
6 LawBruin 31 0 31-26
7 BruinBandDad 31 0 31-26
8 Click Clack One More Year Jack 31 0 31-26
9 FYI - Am I Winning? 29 0 29-28
10 OC Bruin 29 0 29-28
11 uclaluv 29 0 29-28
12 Silicon Valley Bob 29 0 29-28
13 Hierophant 29 0 29-28
14 Insomnia333 29 0 29-28
15 4thGenBruin 29 0 29-28
16 PrincetonBruin 29 0 29-28
17 Always Perkin the Bruins 28 0 28-29
18 BruinDE 27 0 27-15
19 The Ghost of Red Sanders 27 0 27-30
20 Matt 27 0 27-30

IEAngel holds a two-point cushion over BruinfanWill, with three competitors three points behind, and another trio trailing by four.

As we enter week 4 of the competition, I suspect that most people who intended to enter the contest have already done so. Nevertheless, if you'd like to compete for weekly bragging rights, head over to Yahoo's College Football Pick 'Em and sign up for our group using the information provided below:

Our Group Name is: Bruins Nation

Our Group ID is: 13573

Our Group Password is: BruinRevolution

Finally, as a reminder to everyone: the first game of this week's slate is on Thursday, so be sure to get your picks in before Thursday's kickoff.