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The Best Costume At The Colorado-UCLA Football Game

Since today was Halloween, a lot of fans attending the Colorado-UCLA Football Game at the Rose Bowl came dressed in costume. This was, by far, the best (and most timely) costume we saw.

This Bruin fan came to today's game dressed as "Josh Rosen in his Hot Tub".
This Bruin fan came to today's game dressed as "Josh Rosen in his Hot Tub".
Laurie Hittle Piechowski

Alright, by now, just about everybody has heard about the saga of Josh Rosen and his dorm-room hot tub. To recap that story quickly, Josh posted a video on Instagram of someone entering his room and seeing Josh in the hot tub eating some food.

Later, there was a picture of Josh in the tub with the "Sad Arizona Fan" who wanted Josh to call her.

Of course, after the story broke, UCLA housing made Rosen remove the inflatable tub from the premises because that sort of thing just isn't allowed in UCLA housing.

Well, that gave Maya Sugarman the inspiration for the BEST costume anyone wore to the Colorado game at the Rose Bowl today. She decided to go to the game as "Josh Rosen in his hot tub".

And, as you can see from the picture my wife took, she even has down the "eating in the hot tub" thing.

But, again, that's not the end of the story.

After I tweeted the picture out on the Bruins Nation Twitter account, the picture was actually favorited by Josh Rosen himself.

Glad to see he's got a good sense of humor about this whole thing.

Go Bruins!!!