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Jim Mora's "Bruin Revolution" Is Over At UCLA

It's not a "revolution" when you do the same things over and over and over again. That is the definition of insanity, not revolution.

The "Bruin Revolution" has been declared over.
The "Bruin Revolution" has been declared over.
Harry How/Getty Images

I am here to declare that the Jim Mora's "Bruin Revolution" is officially over after being televised.

Why is it over? Because, while Mora and his coaching staff may have disrupted the status quo of the combined Dorrell-Neuheisel eras, nothing continues to change under Jim Mora. If it did, Mora would be making staff changes immediately.

To be sure, four years is, in fact, plenty of time to turn a program around. Just ask the fans of the Ohio State Buckeyes, the Michigan Wolverines (today's loss to Ohio State not withstanding) or the University of Florida Gators. Each of those programs saw a quick and dramatic turnaround with each of their current coaches. For good measure throw in the Florida State Seminoles and the UNC Tar Heels.

What do each and every one of these teams have in common? They are ALL public universities which have either turned around their programs in less time than Jim Mora has been at UCLA or, in the case of North Carolina, have the program making progress instead of regressing over the same four year period.

Urban Meyer, Jim Harbaugh, Jim McElwain, Jimbo Fisher and Larry Fedora can each claim to have brought a successful "revolution" to their schools compared to the previous regime.

The only way that anyone can say that Jim Mora has brought a truly successful "revolution" to the UCLA football program is to accept the fact the current state of the program is the best we can get while ignoring the successes these other coaches have had at their respective schools.

To answer the question as to whether the current state of the program is the best Bruin fans can possibly hope for, let's look to Coach Wooden.

As we all know, Coach Wooden defined success like this:

Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.

Considering the talent level which Coach Mora has been recruiting and Coach Wooden's definition of success, I don't think anyone can rightfully claim that our football program is a success at this point.

Like every one of you, I'm quite disgusted by the display our football team put on today.

After four years of watching this team regress, I am at a point where I just don't think anything will change. I do not think that Jim Mora will take the necessary look in the mirror at his coaching staff and determine that changes need to be made to his staff.

I don't think that he will replace Noel Mazzone, Taylor Mazzone, Adrian Klemm or anyone else, for that matter. Why won't he do this? Simple: For all the talk about "revolution," Mora does not appear to be a coach who holds his assistants accountable. If he were, it wouldn't have taken four months from the Oregon incident to replace Jeff Ulbrich as defensive coordinator. If he were, Ulbrich would have been fired before he "chose to leave."

If he were that type of coach, it would be announced on Monday that Noel Mazzone, Taylor Mazzone and Adrian Klemm have been relieved of their duties on the Bruin coaching staff. Making these changes should be the bare minimum acceptable to retain his job for next season.

Given that Mora isn't as "revolutionary" as he claims, let's move up the ladder to UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero. It appears that Dan Guerrero is content with the so-called "progress" the football program has made to a point where he probably will not consider making a coaching change at this time. He doesn't realize that the program has already stagnated and that the "Bruin Revolution" is over and that the team has spent the past three years regressing.

Moving on to the Guerrero's supervisor, Gene Block is content that Guerrero is a "strong financial manager" and will certainly not consider replacing Guerrero as Athletic Director. The best that one can hope for here is that either Gene Block is replaced by a Chancellor who understands the important role athletics plays at a university like UCLA.

Alternatively, Guerrero's contract currently goes until 2019. Guerrero will likely have to retire at that point under the mandatory retirement age of the University of California. That's four more long years. Ouch.

Accepting the fact that Guerrero isn't going away anytime soon, if Guerrero did fire Mora, Dan would be responsible for the subsequent coaching search. After Dorrell, Neuheisel, Mora and Alford, I don't know of a Bruin fan in his right mind who would trust Dan Guerrero with another coaching search for a major revenue program.

But, assuming that Guerrero have the guts to make a coaching change, it pretty much means that any Bruin fan who wants Mora gone tomorrow needs to hope that the Raiders, the Chargers or the Rams decide to replace their current coaches. That would allow Mora to accept a job coaching with one of the NFL teams which appear to be heading to LA.

That, my friends, is really the best hope we have at this point of bringing in someone else to run the program as of today.

Of course, every Bruin season ticket holder who hasn't already renewed their tickets for next season does have an opportunity to vote with the dollars between now and Monday.

It is certainly possible that today's game and, in fact, this entire season could influence fans who may have been already on the fence about renewing their tickets due to the large increases demanded for the thousands of tickets in sections where no donation has been required until now.

But I'm not sure that even a Bruin Season Ticket Holder Revolution would ultimately send enough of a message that we are tired of being sold a goal year after year that we continuously fall short on.

And, we are relegated to nothing but insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

It is time for a change, Bruin fans. I'm personally willing to give Mora a pass if he will acknowledge that he needs to make significant and substantial changes to his offensive coaching staff. If he isn't willing to do that, then he needs to go. And, he can go to the NFL, Texas, or even USC for all that I care (although I wouldn't consider hiring him after today if I were Pat Haden). I don't really care where he goes as long as he goes away if he won't make the changes necessary to continue his "Bruin Revolution" because, right now, the revolution is dead. All that we have is Bruin Insanity and I'm tired of that.

Go Bruins.