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Brett Hundley Has a Banner Day at the NFL Combine

UCLA Football's Brett Hundley takes the NFL drills and is one of the top QB performers of the day.

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Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Brett Hundley entered the NFL Combine with a few questions, and after today, emerged as one of the top performers at the QB level after the first day of drills.  According to USA Today, Hundley has solidified his status as the third best QB at the combine.

In the 40 yard dash, Brett put up a 4.63, one of the faster QB times.  He was slower than Marcus Mariota (4.52) but he was light years ahead of Jameis Winston (4.92).

Watch Hundley run:

(until it's taken down by the NFL, enjoy it while you can!)

You can watch a comparison of Brett versus Colin Kapernick and Cam Newton at the combine here.

Let's look at some of Hundley's other stats and measurables:

Height: 6' 3 1/4"
Weight: 226 lbs
Hand size: 10 1/2"
Vertical jump: 36"
Broad jump: 10'
20-yard shuttle drill: 3.98 sec
3-cone drill: 6.93 sec

You know what Big Hands mean?  Yeah, he can grip the football, unlike Winston's little hands.  Are we overanalyzing handsize? Maybe. Maybe not, as ESPN says it doesn't always correlate with a winning QB.

If you actually visit Hundley's NFL Combine progress page, you'll notice a little star in every single category - that indicates he was one of the top performers at his position at the combine.

The shuttle drill is remarkable for Hundley:

If you want even more context about that shuttle drill speed:

Remember, Abdullah is a RB.

These numbers aren't news to Bruins, and apparently not to the Cleveland Browns, who wound up with Johnny Manziel last year but wished they had a shot at Hundley:

The NFL Talking heads are noticing Hundley:

At the Combine, though, there is no pass rush, and for Hundley, who tore up his throwing session on Saturday, that was a blessing. ESPN's John Clayton, after claiming Hundley had the most to gain of anyone on Saturday, praised his ability to throw to the opposite side of the field. Chris Sprow, also of ESPN, tweeted that he could "be a 2nd rounder, easy".

How do you like that draft performance, Mike Mayock?

Go Bruins