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Kevin Gemmell: Tom Bradley Is UCLA's New DC

Now that Bradley appears to have been hired, UCLA still needs to be transparent about the vetting process.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

The debate is over.

According to ESPN Pac-12 reporter Kevin Gemmell, Tom Bradley has been hired as UCLA's new defensive coordinator.

As long as UCLA has thoroughly vetted Bradley, preferably by using a third party firm outside the university, this is a good hire.

If the vetting was completed by Dan, Gene or any university employee(s), it remains suspect, not because Bradley is necessarily bad, but because Dan Guerrero has proven that he is not capable of properly vetting a coaching hire. As you may recall, when Guerrero was asked about the Pierre Pierce debacle at Iowa, he proudly proclaimed that Steve Alford has a "clean slate" at UCLA.

It was also on Guerrero's watch that an Associate Athletic Director pled no contest to possession of child pornography.

These are why UCLA needed to use an outside firm to vet Bradley's candidacy.

From an X's and O's perspective, Bradley is a solid hire.

But the UCLA community is more than X's and O's. It's about more than just football. It's about doing the right thing.

Understandably, members of this community have been concerned about the fact that he was Penn State's Defensive Coordinator at the time the Sandusky scandal broke.

At this point, all I can hope for is that someone will ask detailed questions about the vetting process at Bradley's introductory press conference.

Go Bruins!!!