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UCLA Post-Practice Interviews From Saturday's Practice

Yesterday was the third session of Spring Practice. Hear what the coaches had to say afterwards.

Edward Lewis of the Bruin Sports Report posted videos of Jim Mora, Scott White and Taylor Mazzone being interviewed by the media after practice yesterday.

First up, we have Coach Jim Mora. Coach Mora spoke a little about the quarterback competition. Overall, he seems satisfied with the team's progress so far, but it does sound like he'd like the pace of practice to be faster.

He also spoke about the development of the running backs. Mora said:

"What is nice is to have a veteran offensive line and the Pac-12 leading rusher returning...We should be able to run the ball and I think any time you can run the ball, it takes the pressure of your quarterback."

So, there you have it. Coach Mora has referred to our team as having a veteran offensive line (at least until the season starts and quarterback sacks become a problem and our line suddenly becomes young again).

In response to a question about whether Nate Starks was the number two running back behind Perkins, Mora said:

Yeah, but there's still great competition there. I think the first three practices Craig Lee's flashed and, you know, Stephen Manfro will be back in the Fall full speed and, you know, he's a competitor. Then, Soso and Bolu will come in and Rosie fights his little butt off in there. It's really a complete group of backs.

Coach Mora also discussed the status of Simon Goines.

He looks good to me. He's got bounce back....I can't remember seeing Simon run like that since he was a freshman.

Coach Mora concluded by talking about new linebacker coach Scott White and saying that he has credibility with the players. Speaking oh White, he spoke with reporters for the first time yesterday.

He spoke about the move of Myles Jack to inside from outside.

Just to get him in the center of the action at all times. There were times when he was playing outside linebacker where he could get isolated a little bit. Now, we've got him right there in the middle of things and he's just doing his things.

Last up is quarterback coach Taylor Mazzone. Taylor said that there's a "new vibe in the quarterback room"

The guys are working hard. They understand that the job is open and I love the way, each day, they're bringing the hard work....The guys are ready to rock and roll. They came here not to be a backup. They came here to be a starter. So, now, the spotlight's on them. Every rep counts. Every meeting counts. So, everything from off the field to on the field is being graded and being evaluated.

And, with that, we wrap up our coverage of Day 3 of Spring Practice 2015. Thanks again to Edward Lewis for posting the interview videos!

Go Bruins!!!