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UCLA's Brett Hundley on Gruden's QB Camp & Game Changers Tuesday

Tomorrow Brett Hundley will be featured on Gruden's QB Camp and on the NFL Network's Game Changers.

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For those of you who miss Brett Hundley (and who doesn't?), you will get the chance to see Brett Tuesday night featured on the NFL Network and on Gruden's QB Camp.

At 6 pm ET, Brett will be featured on the NFL Network's Game Changers:

"Game Changers" - Quarterbacks - Former NFL Head Coach Steve Mariucci gives fans an opportunity to meet tomorrow's superstars today as he takes fans inside the interview room, the film room and on the field with some of the draft's top players. Mariucci is joined by former NFL great Kurt Warner as they take a look at this year's class of Quarterbacks. Guests include: Marcus Mariota, Brett Hundley, Bryce Petty and Sean Mannion.

At 4:30 PM PT, Brett will have the entire show to himself as he goes one on one and in-depth with Jon Gruden.  From a previous post:

Brett Hundley will be featured on Jon Gruden's Quarterback Camp this year. The complete program will air on different ESPN channels, beginning April 7th at 4:30 PM Pacific Time, and will continue to air through most of April. Here is the complete schedule.

ESPN released a few previews of Hundley in action, on the field and in the strategy room. In these videos, I get the sense that Gruden is really impressed with Brett, and in one, wonders why Brett is not getting the same attention as Mariota and Winston.

In the first video, Brett demonstrates his red zone formations, making some nice throws to his wide receivers. Gruden seems impressed!

This time, Brett diagrams a go to pattern that he loves, especially when it involves Joe Fauria! (Use the link.)

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And for the finale, Brett and Gruden discuss Brett Hundley, the pocket passer and "The Enforcer":

Some of these throws make me think that man there's a lot to work with. I mean look at these, there's a big arm there... because your what?...

The Enforcer. Gruden is really impressed with how Brett can move around, take the hits, and still maintain his throw position and stick it into tight windows. He wonders why Brett isn't getting the same attention as Mariotta and Winston.

I am really looking forward to getting to see more of how Brett's mind works.

Enjoy and Go Bruins!