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Spaulding Report: Rosen Looks Sharp With First Team Offense

Paul Perkins says the running backs are like iron sharpening iron. Simon Goines discusses how it feels to be healthy. Kenny Walker says it doesn't matter who the QB is. He just needs to catch the ball.

The Bruins held their fourth session of Spring Practice yesterday afternoon. Freshman QB Josh Rosen got his first work with the first team offense. According to Chris Foster from the LA Times, Rosen completed 15 of 20 passes including a 20 yard touchdown reception by Jordan Payton. He also reports that Rosen had impressive deep throws to Tyler Scott and Thomas Duarte.

Speaking of quarterbacks, he also notes that Aaron Sharp who came to UCLA as a QB worked out as a wide receiver on Monday.

Foster's article includes a profile on Paul Perkins and how he's working to improve both himself and the other backs.

Meanwhile, an article by Joey Kaufman from the OC Register takes a look at Simon Goines and his recovery from the injuries he had last season.

Speaking of Simon Goines, Edward Lewis of the Bruin Sports Report shared a video of him speaking to the media after Monday's practice. He spoke a lot about his injury and his recovery, but his most interesting response had to do with who was running the offensive line room in Coach Klemm's absence. He said:

We have a variety of coaches. We have Coach Mazzone, Blake Bentz, [Dave] Marsh and Jake.

The most interesting part of that is how Simon essentially referred to Center Jake Brendel as one of the coaches. We've heard before how much of a leader Jake is, but to hear one of his teammates talk about Jake running the meeting room as though he were one of the coaches is pretty cool and a complete compliment to Jake.

Next, let's hear from Coach Mora. He said Monday's practice was a good start to the week.One of the things Coach Mora spoke about Josh Rosen's performance. He thought that, while there are some communications issues that Rosen is learning, once the ball was snapped, he performed well. He concluded talking about how Coach Bradley has been adjusting and becoming familiar with the players and other coaches.

Paul Perkins also spoke with the media on Monday. He sounded happy to be practicing again. He talked about watching a lot of film in the offseason so he can read the defense better.

These guys are just great, man. It's so fun to come out here and compete with these guys. They're all friends, but, at the same time, we come out here....It's like iron sharpening iron.


Finally, we have Kenny Walker talking about what he worked on during the off-season. He didn't want to talk about which quarterback he thinks is doing better right now, but he did comment on a few cornerbacks who are stepping up their game. He said that Johnnie Johnson and Marcus Rios have both been playing really well so far.

That wraps things up for yesterday. The next practice session will be tomorrow morning at 7am.

Go Bruins!!!