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Mora: The Draft Is Emotional As A College Coach

Can you imagine Coach Mora running around the house like crazy when Datone Jones was selected in the NFL Draft a few years ago?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports has an article which discusses Coach Mora's recent appearance on the Jim Rome Show.

In the interview, Mora offers his thoughts on the difference between the experience of the NFL Draft as a pro coach and as a college coach.

Mora told Rome:

It’s different. It’s really different. It’s more emotional. In the NFL, you’re picking players to join your organization. Hopefully, they can win a lot of games, you do a lot of work with them, but you don’t have a personal relationship with them.

At the college level, these are young men you work with for (at least) three years. You’re invested in their future. You understand their dreams, the work they’ve put in. You know their families. It’s emotional. When they get picked or they’re falling like Brett did, it’s emotional.

He also told a story about how he reacted when Datone Jones became his first college player who was drafted.

I was sitting on my couch with my son, and when Datone got picked, we ran around the house like crazy. I had tears in my eyes, goosebumps, because I was getting to witness one of the guys I worked with realize his dream. It’s just so different, and I love it.

While Bruin fans haven't put in the kind of time that Coach Mora has working with the guys on the team, I think we can understand the emotion watching the players we've been rooting for get selected to play at the next level.

Go Bruins!!!