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Coach Jim E. Mora Talks UCLA Football and the College Football Playoff

"Playoffs?" Jim Mora, Sr. Talks about UCLA Football and Playoffs on the red carpet at an event for the Jim Mora Count On Me Family Foundation.

In advance of tomorrow's Jim Mora Celebrity Golf Classic, the Jim Mora Count On Me Family Foundation held a reception at the W Hotel in Westwood.

Among those walking the red carpet at the event was Jim E. Mora, the father of UCLA Football Coach Jim L. Mora. Bruins Nation was on hand to ask Coach Mora for his thoughts on his golf game as well as the prospects of UCLA's 2015 Football Team.

With respect to the Bruins 2015 team, Mora said:

They should have a pretty good team. They've got a lot of guys back. And, the competition is really good. The Pac-12 is really an outstanding conference. I look at the schedule. Arizona, Arizona State...They play them successive weeks. That's going to be tough. Stanford..they haven't beaten Stanford yet. But, Cal's getting better. Colorado's getting better. Washington State's getting better. Everybody's getting better. It's really a competitive conference.

Now, most of us have seen Jim E. Mora's "Playoffs?" rant from his days as the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. It especially gained notoriety when Coors Light made it a focus in one of their commercials.

So, how would he respond when asked about UCLA's chances to make this year's College Football Playoff?

Actually, he answered the question as honestly as possible. You'll notice that he pauses for a second, seemingly to think about his answer.

His answer about the Bruins' playoff chances in 2015 stands in contrast to the answer he gave on November 25, 2001 when he was coaching the Colts, but, nonetheless, reflects a similar opinion.

Well, at least, he didn't say that UCLA will be lucky to win a game this season with all that improved competition!

Go Bruins!!!