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UCLA Coach Mora Quashes Everett Golson Speculation

Speaking publicly on the subject for the first time since it was reported that Everett Golson was interested in transferring to UCLA, Bruins coach Jim Mora tells Bruins Nation what he would say if Golson calls.

JoeBruin15/Bruins Nation

As soon as the news broke that Everett Golson was transferring from Notre Dame, UCLA immediately became as a possible destination for Golson because of the team's recruitment of Vernon Adams, Jr. when he was looking to transfer from Eastern Washington.

Fuel was added to that fire when ESPN's Brett McMurphy reported that UCLA was on a list of schools that Golson gave Notre Dame as schools he was considering transferring to. Of course, unnamed sources said that UCLA was not pursuing Golson.

But, until Sunday night, UCLA Coach Jim Mora had not commented on the possibility of Golson transferring to UCLA.

On the red carpet at an event for the Jim Mora Count On Me Family Foundation, Mora told Bruins Nation how he would respond if Golson called to say he was interested in playing for the Bruins.

Mora was asked about interest from Everett Golson and he said, "There's nothing to it." In response to what he would tell Golson if he called Mora to say he wants to come to UCLA, Mora said he would tell him "We're set."

A little earlier, UCLA QB Coach Taylor Mazzone was asked about Golson as well. Mazzone said:

I think we're good right now for quarterback. As a staff, we haven't really spoke about it. it's something that we don't know. But, right now, I think we're fine where we're at.

Overall, Mora's and Mazzone's comments seem to leave little wiggle room for the possibility that it could happen. Mazzone's comments, in particular, seem to indicate that, after Spring Practice, the coaches are satisfied with the play of the existing quarterbacks on the roster that they are no longer interested in bringing in a graduate transfer, even though they were recruiting Vernon Adams, Jr. earlier this year.

Go Bruins!!!