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Bruin Bites: All the UCLA Football News You've Been Waiting For

On a day when we eagerly await another baseball game, there's all sorts of football news, more than we had in the entire month of May, I think. We've got Priest Willis, Preseason All-Americans, Adrian Klemm, Jim Mora's practices, Da Mayor and some 2015 home game start times! Let's get to it.

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On a day when we're still recovering from baseball mania over the weekend, we have a lot of football news.

First up is some disappointing information. Junior cornerback Priest Willis, Jr. has decided to transfer, according to BruinReportOnline.

BRO indicates that he will transfer at the end of Spring quarter and that North Carolina is a possible destination. Willis has a redshirt year available which will leave him with two seasons of eligibility at whichever school he transfers to.

In other news, Phil Steele has published his 2015 Preseason All-American team. Myles Jack is a 2nd team Preseason All-American while Jake Brendel and Kenny Clark earned 4th team honors.

UCLA fared much better on Steele's Preseason All-Pac-12 teams. Jordan Payton, Caleb Benenoch, Eddie Vanderdoes, Kenny Clark, Myles Jack and Fabian Moreau all made the 1st team Preseason All-Pac-12 while Paul Perkins and Jake Brendel made the 2nd team. Alex Redmond and Deon Hollins made the 3rd team and Thomas Duarte, Priest Willis (ironically), Matt Mengel and Ishmael Adams (as a KR) all made the 4th team.

Continuing with more football has posted a chart listing the highest paid offensive line coaches in the country. According to the article, UCLA Offensive Line Coach/Associate Head Coach/Run Game Coordinator made the list at #2. So, he's the second highest paid OL Coach in the country and our offensive line gave up how many sacks last year? Forty-one. That was 114th in the nation out of 125 FBS schools. He has now been suspended WITH PAY for 77 days and counting.

That means that, so far, UCLA has paid Adrian Klemm $152,523 for sitting home and watching Wendy Williams. Where do I sign up? has an article about how Coach Mora has modeled UCLA's football program in an "NFL way". The article quotes Coach Mora:

You could tell by the structure of a place, the way they practiced, the way they dealt with you as a pro coach, their level of professionalism, what you were dealing with....

It's a real advantage for them to be in an environment that's operating at a professional level with professional coaches, because every kid that comes here on scholarship has that dream in their head, that, 'I want to go to the NFL.' We know very few of them will but you still want to afford them that opportunity and teach that.

The article does point out that UCLA's football facilities fall short compared to other top college programs and it specifically points out the 80-yard practice fields at Spaulding as an example while also pointing out that upgrades are on the way with the Wasserman Football Center.

Last but not least today, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has two articles today which profile the Mayor, Johnathan Franklin. The first article looks at the lives of a group of former Packers who had their careers cut short by neck injuries. The second is a Q&A with Johnathan that goes more in-depth with the former Bruin.

The first one looks at what happened after his injury and how he ended up working in the athletic department at Notre Dame. In the second article, Franklin mentions that he's a "California guy" and how he would love to make his way back to California.

Well, Johnathan, keeping learning at Notre Dame. It's our understanding that UCLA will have an advancement opportunity no later than 2019 and we would welcome you back with open arms!

Speaking of things we will welcome back, there's football season itself. We are now 96 days away to a rematch with the UVA Cavaliers and we have start times for that game plus two more home games as LA Bruin pointed out in his fanpost.

The Virginia game will kickoff at 12:30 pm and air on Fox Sports. Gosh, I hate 12:30 start times. It means adjust the tailgating menu.

The BYU game on September 19th will kickoff at 7:30 pm. OK, I like later kickoffs but 7:30? Can we get any later? Geez....

And, finally, if rush hour traffic wasn't a bad enough problem, the Thursday night game against Cal on October 22nd will start at 6 pm PT.

The start time for one away game was also announced today. The Stanford game will kickoff at 7:30 pm PT on October 15th. So, a 7:30 start time was ok for an away game but not a home game? Really, ESPN?

Of course, that's in addition to the previously announced 7 pm kickoff for the game against UNLV in Vegas. Look for some more info here on Bruins Nation about this game really soon.

That's going to wrap things up for now....except for one thing: Beat The Terps!

Go Bruins!!!