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UCLA Assistant Coach Adrian Klemm Reinstated

Klemm has been reinstated from a suspension which started in March.


Chris Foster of the LA Times is reporting that UCLA Offensive Line Coach Adrian Klemm has been reinstated.

He was suspended back in March amid allegations of possible NCAA violations. As a result, Klemm missed all of Spring Practice and has not been recruiting since being suspended.

Foster reports that a person familiar with the situation believes that Klemm will not miss any more time than he already has.

UCLA has not commented on the situation because the investigation has not concluded.

Klemm has been UCLA's offensive line coach since Jim Mora became UCLA head coach. He has been most effective at recruiting student-athletes to UCLA.

His offensive line coaching has been called into question after the team gave up 41 sacks last season, which ranked the Bruins 114th in the nation. Klemm is one of the highest-paid assistant coaches in the country.

Go Bruins!!!