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Asiantii Woulard To Transfer

And, then there were three...

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In a tweet posted this afternoon, redshirt Sophomore quarterback Asiantii Woulard announced plans to transfer from UCLA. He did not say what school he plans to transfer to.

This would appear to be an indication that Woulard may have been told that he would not be the starter in the Fall despite the fact that the coaches have publicly refused to say who the starter would be. It wouldn't make any sense to leave if there was a chance that he could still start.

I've contacted the UCLA Athletic Department to try to find out if Woulard was told he would not be the starter and will update this article should I receive a response.

As recently as a few weeks ago, Coach Mora refused to publicly say who the starting quarterback will be. At his Count On Me Foundation VIP reception, he reiterated his previous statement about the starter being "the guy who takes the first snap" against Virginia.

This would now seem to reduce the quarterback competition down to either Josh Rosen, Jerry Neuheisel, and Mike Fafaul. In reality, it's probably a competition between the freshman phenom Rosen and Neuheisel, with most expecting Rosen to get the nod.

We wish Asiantii the best of luck as he pursues his dreams elsewhere.

Go Bruins!!!