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Bruins Nation Quiz #7 - Know Your UCLA Bruins, Training Camp Edition, Part 2

How much do you know about the 2015-16 UCLA Bruins? Take part 2 of our "Know Your UCLA Bruins" quiz to find out.

Harry How/Getty Images

UCLA's opening game of the 2015-16 season is less than three weeks away. The Bruins have survived the first week of camp in the heat of San Bernardino, but practices will certainly become more intense as kickoff against Virginia draws closer. And that's the way it should be--in order to get our Bruins ready for the season, they are given greater challenges every session.

The same applies to our training camp edition quizzes. Last week's quiz was a warm, up so to speak, but it didn't properly test your knowledge of our 2015-16 UCLA Bruins. In particular, it didn't test you on this season's freshmen class of 18 players or on our 22-strong group of redshirt freshmen. So with last week's "Know Your UCLA Bruins" warm-up quiz under your belt, prepare yourself for a sterner test this week.

This edition of the Bruins Nation Quiz is based on a game that I used to play with my father on our road trips to Westwood. The game is called "Odd Man Out," and the idea is to try to identify which of the people named doesn't share an important connection with the rest. For example, given the names Reggie Miller, Tracy Murray, Baron Davis, and Blake Arnet, most people (with the possible exception of Dr. Mexican) would choose Blake Arnet as the odd man out. After all, Blake Arnet never played in the NBA, unlike the rest of the group. In fact, unlike the others, Blake Arnet never even started a game at UCLA.

However, Blake Arnet isn't the only right answer. The right answer depends on which filter you apply. For example, among that group of players, Ed O'Bannon is the only left-hander. Also, O'Bannon is the only member of the foursome who didn't average .400 or better on three-pointers as a Bruin (Arnet made 2 out of 5 attempts). Therefore, depending on your reasoning, Ed O'Bannon could be the odd man out.

The fact that there can be more than one right answer isn't a problem in ordinary versions of Odd Man Out; any answer with a reasonable explanation is a right answer. But just as in Jeopardy, the Bruins Nation Quiz isn't set up to accommodate multiple right answers.

To get around this potential problem, I've enabled the hint feature this week. By clicking on the hint button, the correct filter to apply for each question will be revealed. So, for example, the hint "Year" refers to eligibility status (e.g., freshman, sophomore, junior, senior), "Position" refers to playing position (e.g., defensive line, linebacker, defensive back, etc...), and "Home State" refers to the state the player came from out of high school. These aren't the only possible hints, but you can figure out the rest as you work through the quiz.

The last three questions of the quiz are specific to the 2014-15 football season. I've indicated this fact with a [2014-15] notation in the player list. Be sure to use the hint before answering these questions.

As I indicated above, this is a difficult quiz. If you want a real challenge, try to pick the odd man out before using the hint. Regardless of whether you try to work out the answer without using the hint, make sure you check the hint before submitting your answer so that you don't run the risk of getting no credit for an "incorrect" right answer. Considering how tough the quiz is this week, a score of 15 or more (out of 20) is a superb result.

Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts--and especially your complaints!--in the comments.

As always, enjoy the quiz, good luck, and Go BRUINS!