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Bruins Nation Quiz #8 - UCLA Football Record Holders Edition

Test your knowledge of the UCLA football record book.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Let me begin the introduction to this week's quiz by assuring you that even if you've only become a Bruins fan since the turn of the century, you undoubtedly will have seen many of the UCLA football record holders on the field at the Rose Bowl or playing in the NFL. This edition of the quiz does not feature a slew of obscure names from the era when football players wore what were essentially leather swim caps as helmets. Nor is the quiz dominated by players from the days when, as one person put it, UCLA had black and white uniforms:

Actually, with the increase in pace of play of modern college football, the rule changes that have favored the passing game, the increase in the number of games played, and of course, freshman eligibility, a high percentage of UCLA's career and single season records have been set in the past 25 years or so. Therefore, rest assured that this week's quiz is not just for the community's geezers.

I've enabled the hint feature this week, although the hints may be more useful in helping you eliminate options rather than leading you to the correct answer. As a general hint, please remember that career records in many categories are more likely to be held by four-year players.

As you've undoubtedly come to expect, I've designed the quiz to be challenging, so a score of 15 or more (out of 20) is a fantastic result.

As always, enjoy the quiz, good luck, and Go BRUINS!