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Bruins Nation Quiz #9 - That Was the Week That Was

This week we test your knowledge of UCLA-related sports news from last week.


Last week marked the beginning of the season for several of our UCLA Olympic sports teams, and the UCLA football team continued its preparations ahead of the kickoff against Virginia at the end of the week. That means that there was no shortage of UCLA-related sports news and other items of interest to UCLA supporters which were reported at Bruins Nation.

If you're a regular reader of Bruins Nation, you'll remember all the big headlines from last week: for example, Coach Mora's selection of freshman Josh Rosen as the starting quarterback, and Steve Sarkisian's rousing speech at the Salute to Troy donor event. You'll also have picked up details of some of the week's smaller stories in What's Bruin. If so, you're ready to ace this week's quiz since it's nothing more than a test of your knowledge of a week's worth of Bruin news.

This quiz should prove much easier than previous editions. Because there are a handful of questions about UCLA student-athletes who aren't football players, those of you who don't follow UCLA soccer, volleyball, and water polo may find those questions difficult. Nevertheless I suspect that almost all of you will earn a double-digit score, and please give yourself a pat on the back if you score 15 or more.

Incidentally, since few people seem to have taken advantage of the hint feature last week, I've disabled it again. As usual, please feel free to leave feedback in the comments section.

Enjoy the quiz, good luck, and Go BRUINS!