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Bruins Nation Quiz #6 - Know Your UCLA Bruins, Training Camp Edition

As we close in on the opening day of UCLA football fall training camp, test your ability to identify the Bruins who will be representing the four letters on the field this season.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

In a little over 24 hours, our UCLA Bruins football team will be on the field at Cal State San Bernardino for the opening day of fall training camp. If you've been reading the Bruins Nation series of 2015 UCLA football fall previews, you know what the positional depth charts probably look like heading into camp,  and you will be aware of the positions at which competition for playing time will be the fiercest, but do you really know the players? If you were at fall training camp, would you be able to identify the players without looking at a guide?

Think of this week's quiz as a drill to prepare yourself for a day of observing UCLA's fall football camp, or for that matter, for watching a televised football game Fox71-style (i.e., with the sound turned off). In this edition of the quiz, the questions have been replaced by photographs; all you have to do is identify the player. Simple enough, right?

Let me again remind you that these quizzes are intended to be challenging, so a score of 15 or more out of 20 is an excellent result. Also, if you want the hint featured enabled in future quizzes, please let me know in the comment section.

As always, enjoy the quiz, good luck, and Go BRUINS!