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What's Bruin: UCLA Football Brings Joy To 9-Year Old Cade Spinello

Sometimes, it's easy to lose view of the important things. That's especially true when a team is preparing for a tough road game. Not so, for the Bruins this week.

Bruin LB Deon Hollins brought some joy this week to 9-year old Cade Spinello.
Bruin LB Deon Hollins brought some joy this week to 9-year old Cade Spinello.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, Bruin fans! As the Bruins prepare to board a plane for Tucson this morning, let's take a quick look at the latest news in and around UCLA Sports.

It's time for What's Bruin.

Men's Basketball

This morning, we'll start off with Men's Basketball. We all read about Kareem's comments from earlier this week. First, Yahoo!'s Jeff Eisenberg decided to go off on Kareem for his comments.

Well, friends, we have breaking news! Another "sports journalist" writes that UCLA's past is sabotaging its future. YAWN! Ok, maybe it's not breaking news. Those guys are a dime a dozen. Here's some news for Kyle Kensing UCLA's so-called future is sabotaging UCLA's future. Now, that's a story which can turn heads!

Let's turn to football recruiting.

Football Recruiting

Scout/BRO's Brandon Huffman has early season clips of three-star Crespi defensive end and UCLA commit Marcus Moore.

And, now, for some feel-good football news.


Curt Sandoval of ABC7 has the story of 9-year old Cade Spinello who stopped by UCLA's practice on Wednesday. At the age of four, Cade had a brain tumor and, sometime either during or after surgery, he suffered a massive stroke. He is now legally blind.

Glad to see the Bruins taking some time out of their week to bring some joy to this boy. Carry that inspiration onto the field, men! Beat the Mildcats for Cade tomorrow.

Here's the video clip:

And, that will do it for What's Bruin this morning Friday, September 25th.

Go Bruins!!!