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BOOM! UCLA football promotes Polamalu to OC and brings Tuiasosopo to coach QBs

It is being reported that UCLA football has promoted Coach Kennedy Polamalu to Offensive coordinator and is bringing back Marques Tuiasosopo to coach quarterbacks. Also, Assistant Athletic Director of Football, Rip Scherer, will now coach tight-ends.

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Can I get a BOOM!? BOOM!

It is being reported by various outlets (though no official word from UCLA at this time) that running back's coach Kennedy Polamalu is being promoted to Offensive Coordinator, while it brings back former tight-end's coach Marques Tuiasosopo to coach Josh Rosen and the other quarterbacks. Also, Assistant Athletic Director of Football, Rip Scherer, will now coach tight-ends.

BOOM! for Kennedy Polamalu!

BOOM! for Marques Tuiasosopo!

BOOM! for Rip Scherer!

Let's learn about each of the new coaches.

Kennedy Polamalu, Offensive Coordinator

Polamalu (henceforth, KP) has been with UCLA for the past two seasons coaching running backs and I believe everyone can agree that the skill, explosiveness, and talent at the running back position has dramatically increased since KP arrived in Westwood. He does have some offensive coordinator experience while at Southern Cal, though many would argue that head coach Lane Kiffen was really doing the play calling.

KP has a wealth of experience and I'm excited to see how the offense will look with a fresh perspective. Of course, I fully expect BN to have a lot of fun discussing exactly what kind of coordinator KP will be.

Marques Tuiasosopo, Quarterbacks Coach

Tuiasosopo (henceforth MT) is coming back to Westwood after coaching for a year at Southern Cal (TE) and a year at Washington (QB). As many will recall, MT started his coaching career at UCLA (hired by Rick Neuhisel) in 2011 as a graduate assistant, then coached tight ends in 2012. As Mazzones were brought in, in 2012 as well, I believe this made it easy for MT to get lured away to his alma mater, Washington, by Sarkisian. MT is an excellent recruiter and was an excellent quarterback in college.

Personally, I'm excited by this move and I hope he can develop as an offensive coordinator as well. Maybe co-offensive coordinator with Polamalu in the future. Another interesting topic for discussion.

Rip Scherer, Tight Ends Coach

Rip Scherer (henceforth RS) is an experienced journeyman with extensive experience at both the college and professional levels. It was a little known fact that RS has already been working at UCLA as the Assistant Athletic Director of Football for the past two years. He has experience as a head coach (Memphis 1995-2000), assistant head coach (Colorado 2011-12, Cleveland Browns 2005-08), and coaching quarterbacks (Panthers 2009-10, Cleveland Browns 2005-08, and more). Interestingly, in his 33 years of coaching he has not coached tight ends before. This might be one of the most experienced coaching staffs in the country. Honestly, this is a bit confusing to me but we'll just have to wait and see.

Interestingly someone in the comments called this hire (apologies for not remembering the name) in one way or another.

Some might question the lack of "splash" by these hires, but I think Tuiasosopo is an excellent hire and Polamalu is conservative but solid, and only Scherer being a bit strange. Personally, I'd like to see Klemm removed of his OL duties. Anyways, that's it for now.


Go Bruins!