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Bruin Bites: Do the recruiting tea leaves point to 4* QB Modster?

A look at the past, present and future of UCLA football in this edition of Bruin Bites.

Kene Orioke on special teams
Kene Orioke on special teams
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Let's jump right into the good stuff.

End of season reflection

Just for fun, I sometimes check out tWWL to see what they are writing about. They take a look back at the 2015-6 season predictions on the Pac12 blog and surprisingly the UCLA Bruins offense dropped out of the top 5 in the pac12. Perhaps this finally convinced Mora to pull the plug on the NZone?

In another ESPN post, they grade out the Bruins' 2015-6 season. TL;DR: final grade C+. I find it amusing that the O,D,ST grades are all in the B range but that the final grade is in the C range. They need to hire more math tutors. I'm laughing out loud at them from my ivory tower.


The big news (already reported earlier in the week by Orlando) is that 4 star QB Devon Modster is visiting Westwood this weekend. The video below makes a very strong case that Modster could be a Bruin after the weekend :)

If Modster commits to the Bruins this makes it very clear the huge and immediate impact Coach Tuiasosopo is having. But, we'll have to wait a bit more.

Four star CB Kentrell Love is also visiting this weekend but the Bruins will need to flip him from his current verbal to Washington. Scout has some videos and more info on this potential recruit.

If reading teenager's tea leaves is your cup of tea, then you must check out the "twitter meter" that Scout put together. I'll just give one to give you a taste:

I lied, this picture is too sweet not to share:

Way too early top 25

Fox Sport's Stewart Mandel has his early top 25 with UCLA missing the cut. Washington is listed at 15! I guess that's what an established, big game winning coach will do (even though he hasn't yet put it together at UW; note: 7-6 this season). Whereas Mora is running out of time. I'm not as confident as Joe that the "Bruin Revolution" is back on. We might look back and realize it already passed us by.

Proud Bruin

Remember former UCLA football player and Greek God Kene Orjioke? If you recall he quit football this season, but he is still winning in life. He's now fighting for other student-athletes.

This is what a Bruin looks like. Go Kene!

Go Bruins!