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Noel and Taylor Mazzone To Leave UCLA For Texas A&M

Inside run to the right. Bubble screen. Swing pass to a running back. Deep pass. Inside run to the left. Memorize it now, Bruin fans. Because that's what the Aggies will be doing come September 3rd in College Station.

We're clapping, too, but it's because Noel Mazzone is leaving Westwood.
We're clapping, too, but it's because Noel Mazzone is leaving Westwood.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like the 2016 UCLA Football team's offense will quite literally improve overnight tonight as multiple sources are reporting that UCLA's current offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone will be announced tomorrow as the new offensive coordinator for Texas A&M.

Call it addition by subtraction.

Mazzone's departure has been rumored for over a month and it finally appears like it is happening. tweeted the news about an hour ago:

Meanwhile, Billy Liucci, who runs the independent Texas A&M site, sent out the following tweet:'s Twitter account reminds Bruin fans to circle September 3rd on your calendar:

Once you've circled it, you are now required to remember the following five plays until then, but, like Noel, you can remember them in any order:

1. Inside run to the right
2. Bubble screen
3. Deep pass
4. Swing pass to a running back
5. Inside run to the left

Once you've memorized those, you are now officially qualified to serve as the guest defensive coordinator for the Texas A&M game.

Seriously, feel free to pay a visit over to SB Nation's Texas A&M site Good Bull Hunting to find out more news on this.

Just remember to offer the good folks there a drink or perhaps a year's supply of alcohol for taking our problem and making it theirs. After all, they're going to need it.

We want to wish Noel Mazzone the best of luck in College Station, but I'm just not sure we're going to miss you much.

A proper celebration of Mazzone's time at UCLA can only end with the way it began. Mazzone telling jokes about how he's a great OC if he has a great QB. So, here's Mazzone's greatest hits:

Now, that Mazzone is leaving. Only three questions remain: One, is Taylor leaving with him? And, two, who's next? And, three, who should be our next OC?

Update: Bruin Report Online is reporting that Taylor is also leaving UCLA to become the QB coach at A&M.

Later tweets from BRO clearly make it known that the "n" at the end of have was a typo. So, that leaves two questions to be answered.

Update II: Confirmation has now been published by CBS Sports.

Go Bruins!!!