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How To Watch Arizona Wildcats at UCLA Bruins: Game Time, TV, Live Stream and More

The UCLA Bruins host the Arizona Wildcats at the Rose Bowl tonight at 7:30 pm PT.

Soso Jamabo needs to run the ball more effectively for UCLA.
Soso Jamabo needs to run the ball more effectively for UCLA.
Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, the UCLA Bruins will host the Arizona Wildcats in a Pac-12 Conference game. On one hand, this game isn’t as big as last week’s game because Jim Mora has never lost to Rich Rodriguez. On the other hand, winning this game is now critically important to UCLA’s chances of winning the Pac-12 South as every game will be for the remainder of the season.

Call me jaded, but I just don’t think this team is capable of doing that. I don’t think Bruin fans should count on this coaching staff to get the team there because they always seem to do less with more talent.

But there is a reason they play the games. And I would love to be proven wrong on this.

The bottom line is simple: It will be a lot harder to win the division with two conference losses in our first two conference games. That makes it imperative that the team go out there tonight and win. It would be even better if the team finally decided to make a offensive statement and win big, but, at this point, I think most Bruin fans would simply prefer a win over a loss.

Keys to the Game

So what are the keys to a UCLA victory today?

First, UCLA needs to control the line of scrimmage. Offensively, this falls on the line. I’ve been concerned about the state of the offensive line since Spring. I’m more concerned about the line and less convinced that the lack of a ground game is the fault of the running backs. If the offensive line does a good job blocking, the holes will be there for the backs and they will finally gain the yards they should be gaining.

The second key is catching the ball at critical times. A lot of you were unhappy with the amount of dropped balls at the worst times last week. The receiving corps needs to do a better job of making catches to move the sticks and keeping drives moving.

The third and final key to the game will be playing to win instead of playing to not lose. I don’t care how late in the game it is. Let’s assume that if the Wildcats have the ball last, they will drive 99 yards down the field to score. Jim Mora and staff need to avoid being in a position to lose the game on a final drive. That means being more aggressive. That means not being so Dorrellistic to send out the field goal unit on fourth down. That means being more Toledoesque and calling the unexpected. It means realizing that this is college football and not the NFL and that anything can and will happen if the Wildcats are down by one score as time runs down.

It also means that the phenomenon known as #Pac12AfterDark will be in play again tonight. Last week, I offered an example from the Utah-Southern Cal game. Today’s exhibit A is last week’s game against Stanford and exhibit B is last night’s Stanford blowout by the Huskies.

I said it last week and I will say it again. You just can't predict what is going to happen in a night time Pac-12 football game. And, that’s why UCLA needs to score like a Chicago politician votes in an election: Early and often!

How To Watch, Listen, Stream and More

Game Date/Time:

  • Saturday, October 1, 2016, 7:30 pm PT


  • Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA

Game Notes:


  • ESPN with Beth Mowins, Anthony Becht and Rocky Boiman


  • 570 AM (or 1150 AM) in Los Angeles with Josh Lewin, Matt Stevens and Wayne Cook
  • Satellite Radio: Sirius Channel 112 & XM Channel 198 (UCLA Call)
  • And, of course, the Bruins Nation Game Thread!!!

Watch Online:

Rebroadcast (All times PT):

  • Sunday, 10/2, 5:00 pm on ESPNU
  • Monday, 10/3, 12:30 am on ESPN
  • Monday, 10/3, 6:00 pm on Pac-12 National
  • Monday, 10/3, 8:00 pm on Pac-12 Los Angeles and Arizona
  • Monday, 10/3, 10:30 pm on Pac-12 National and Arizona
  • Tuesday, 10/4, 6:00 am on Pac-12 National
  • Tuesday, 10/4, 7:00 am on Pac-12 Los Angeles
  • Tuesday, 10/4, 10:00 am on Pac-12 Arizona
  • Tuesday, 10/4, 3:00 pm on Pac-12 National
  • Tuesday, 10/4, 4:00 pm on Pac-12 Los Angeles
  • Tuesday, 10/4, 7:00 pm on Pac-12 Arizona
  • Tuesday, 10/4, 9:00 pm on Pac-12 Los Angeles

Go Bruins!!!