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The Los Angeles Rams Should Hire UCLA Coach Jim Mora

An open letter to Rams President Kevin Demoff and GM Les Snead regarding their open head coaching job

NCAA Football: UCLA at Utah
Jim Mora looks good in navy blue and gold! Another reason the Rams should hire him!
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams may be back in Los Angeles, but, let’s face it. They haven’t exactly taken the town by storm. The team is 4-9 and the only reason they are in 3rd place in the NFC West is because the 49ers suck so bad.

So, despite reports that they had extended the contract of head coach Jeff Fisher just a couple months ago, today, they fired head coach Jeff Fisher (take note of that, Dan!).

Who should the Rams look to bring in to right the team’s fortunes less than a year after leaving St. Louis?

Well, if they really want to embrace the city of Los Angeles (or at least half the town), there’s no reason for them to cast their nets any further than Westwood.

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The Rams should hire UCLA Coach Jim Mora as their next coach!

Les, I believe you should be familiar with Jim. He led your former team, the Atlanta Falcons, to the 2004 NFC Championship Game.

If you still aren’t sure about Jim, just ask Dick Vermeil. Look at what happened the last time the Rams hired a former UCLA head coach! They won the only Super Bowl in the team’s history!

Never mind the fact that Jim Mora hasn’t won a Pac-12 Conference championship or taken the team to the Rose Bowl. He’s got NFL experience! He’s coached for twice as many NFL teams as Fisher had when he joined the Rams organization in 2012. That’s got to count for something, right?

I’m sure that if you pay him a little more than UCLA is paying him now, he’ll gladly make the drive from Manhattan Beach to Thousand Oaks every day. (Heck, if you pay him enough, he could let Shannon have the house in the South Bay and he could grab himself a nice one here in beautiful Ventura County.)

Nevermind what he told that Seattle radio station a few years ago about the University of Washington being his dream job. His dream job is with the Rams!

Why? Because everyone knows that he really wants to coach in the NFL and, by coaching a team in Southern California, he can stay relatively close to his dad who lives in Palm Springs and the rest of his family. That’s a big checkbox on his list, after all.

Don’t worry about this past season’s 4-8 hiccup. It’s clear that was Kennedy Polamalu’s fault, after all, since he’s still the only offensive coach Jim Mora has fired after this season.

And, of course, he comes with the greatest of recommendations! UCLA’s Athletic Director Dan Guerrero told Ben Bolch of the LA Times just a few weeks ago that Jim Mora is “an outstanding coach.” How can you possibly beat that glowing endorsement? After all, Dan Guerrero knows a thing or two about hiring head football coaches. He’s hired three of them since 2002.

Personally, I’m not sure what UCLA fans will do without Mora if the Rams snatch him up, but I’m sure we’ll get by.

Go Bruins.