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UCLA Football Tweaks Visitor Fan Seating At The Rose Bowl

The Athletic Department is looking to add even more to UCLA’s home field advantage at the Rose Bowl.

Stanford v UCLA
The UCLA Athletic Department is looking to prevent more scenes like this by keeping visiting fans from sitting so close to the Rose Bowl field.
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

It was just a week ago that UCLA announced that the football team and student section would be moving from the sunny side of the Rose Bowl to the shady side with a lot of the student section in the North end zone. This was the proposed seating map released last week.

In that proposal, the visitor section included all of sections 7-H and 8-L.

The Athletic Department may be making one more significant revision to the proposed seating map.

Anyone who has traveled to Bruin games knows that, frequently, the visiting team is only provided with seats away from the field, minimizing the impact that visiting fans can have on a game. In years past, visiting teams had their bands seated right near the field and, as of last week, that looked like it would continue in 2017.

But, there is some good news coming in this respect.

It looks like the Athletic Department is going to try to restrict the visiting fans to seats above the concourse, as shown in this proposed revised seating map.

It’s not a major change, but it is certainly a significant one. It’s one that will keep opposing players from celebrating with their fans and one designed to further enhance UCLA’s home field advantage at the Rose Bowl.

The only thing which could prevent this from happening and force UCLA back into last week’s seating map that allows visiting fans into the lower section of the bowl is if the Pac-12 has a problem with the configuration and gives the Athletic Department a hard time about this additional change.

Of course, they shouldn’t. After all, when was the last time Bruin fans sat that close to the actual playing field at the Coliseum for the Southern Cal game? Not since they took out the track, that’s for sure. These days, they do have a section which may be close to the field, but the proximity is awful due to the fact that the playing field is off to the left of the visitors’ section.

Go Bruins!