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Josh Rosen Goes Golfing at Trump National GC Wearing a "F*ck Trump" Hat

If Josh Rosen is able of winning on the field the way he wins the internet, UCLA is going to win a National Championship soon.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Rosen has won the internet...again. This time, he's posted a picture of himself golfing at Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes on Instagram wearing a hat that reads: "Fuck Trump".

Fuck Trump

A photo posted by Josh Rosen (@josh3rosen) on

Yeah, that's right. The geotag on the photo is Trump National GC in Rancho Palos Verdes. Of course, it did cost him $150 in greens fees in order to play there and get the picture, but that's probably $150 well spent.

The comments on the picture are also very amusing. Colby Cyburt wrote: "I can't like this picture for obvious reasons." Meanwhile, UCLA's new kicker J.J. Molson, who grew up in Canada stayed out of the U.S. political fray and opted to comment on Rosen's golf skills instead, wrote: "hahahaha i love it, but i bet you hooked that ball so hard into the ocean ".

There's no indication who Rosen is actually supporting in the Presidential race. But, let's face it...After that picture, does it really matter?

I can imagine the reply from Citizen Trump already, but let's not going to give him any ideas. Cue his negative response in 3...2...1.

Go Bruins!

Update [11:52 am]: Josh has added a comment to his picture. It makes it sound as though he was wearing that hat for a laugh while on the links. Here is the comment.

josh3rosenI support all presidential candidates in this race for the White House. I believe in the American system of democracy and hope that our country picks the best and most qualified person to be our Commander in Chief.